Today I Give Up Trying 1806


        Huo Dongying's expression went green, he had a new love interest?

        And it was even a loser?

        Wang Zhijun grabbed the phone from his aunt Wang Yanli and sneered at Huo Dongying on the other end of the line.

        "Huo Dongying, I, as a cousin, feel ashamed for you. What's wrong with you? You want to woo my cousin Xu You Rong, but you've run into some setbacks and you've retreated. Just wait, that punk has a firm grip on Xu You Rong now."

        Huo Dongying asked anxiously, "Cousin, what's going on here? Wasn't your sister Xu You Rong always single before? How come there's suddenly someone courting her?"

        "What's going on? Oh, how should I know?" Wang Zhijun sneered.

        "Anyway, just by this incident today, that punk Lin Fan has made a big splash. Now the whole Xu family is grateful to him, think about it... won't all the financial and material resources you gave to the Xu family before go down the drain?"

        "Damn it," Huo Dongying cursed on the other end of the phone, "I haven't had a date with You Rong for only a day or two, and I've let it slip through. Cousin, don't worry, I, Huo Dongying, will never give up halfway, I will definitely chase You Rong down!"

        If he couldn't beat Lin Fan, couldn't he beat others?

        He would like to see who dared to steal a woman from him, Huo Dongying, in this part of the Imperial Capital!

        When Wang Zhijun saw that Huo Dongying had been angered by him, he couldn't help but snicker and add fuel to the fire.

        "I can't even stand to watch, my cousin Xu You Rong is cuddling with that punk right in front of our Xu family, I think they are really getting mushy."

        Huo Dongying was suddenly burning with jealousy, if the two went on like this according to Wang Zhijun, it wouldn't take long for Lin Fan to completely possess all of Xu You Rong.

        Then wouldn't his painstaking pursuit of Xu You Rong be a chicken-and-egg situation!

        "Damn it, even if he's willing to back down, if he dares to refuse, I'll make sure that punk dies a horrible death!" Huo Dongying cursed, "Cousin, is that wild man still at the old lady's place?"

        Wang Zhijun knew that Huo Dongying could no longer hold back his anger, yet he continued to ask knowingly.

        "Of course they're still here since they're so easily pleasing the Xu family? What's the matter, Feng, you want to come over and join in the fun too?"

        Huo Dongying sneered back.

        "What? I'm going to get rid of that punk right now!"

        "Brother, you have to calm down, that punk Lin Fan still has some tricks up his sleeve, I'm afraid you're no match for him alone."

        Wang Zhijun continued with a cold smile.

        Huo Dongying cursed viciously, "Damn it, this young master has plenty of money, there's no need for me to do anything personally, I'll get a few people together and go over there, I'll kill that punk today!"

        Hanging up the phone, Wang Zhijun handed the phone back to Wang Yanli and said with a cheeky smile.

        "Auntie, we don't need to be angry with that punk Lin Fan, that guy will be lucky if he lives to see the sun tomorrow."

        Wang Yanli could hear that Huo Dongying was looking for someone to get rid of Lin Fan, but she was still afraid of getting into trouble and said worriedly.

        "Do you really want to kill that punk Lin Fan? Will that get us into trouble? ......"

        Wang Youcai sneered and said with relief: Yanli, what's wrong with you? Have you forgotten how that trash Lin Fan humiliated you? Now there is someone to set you right one, why are you still worrying blindly there?"

        Wang Zhijun squeezed his eyes, "Auntie, even if that punk Lin Fan was really killed and someone was killed, it has nothing to do with us. Even if the police investigate the case, it will end up on someone else's head, we won't be affected in the slightest."

        This was Wang Zhijun's "lend a knife to kill", taking advantage of Huo Dongying's jealousy of Lin Fan.

        He had already made up his mind, "Lin Fan, if you didn't make my father kowtow to you, I'll find someone to take care of you!