Today I Give Up Trying 1805

 After kowtowing, Wang Youcai just stood up, but he was stopped by Lin Fan.

        "Wang Youcai, you're too confused, how come you didn't even make a sound when you kowtowed?"

        Wang Yanli glared, "Lin Fan, don't bully people too much, my big brother has clearly finished kowtowing to you, what more do you want?!"

        Lin Fan sneered, "I don't want anything, I just want Wang Youcai to finish his promise in earnest. If you don't kowtow loudly, can you call it kowtowing?"

        The old lady spoke up, "Lin Fan has a point, Wang Youcai, I can see clearly from sitting here, your kowtow was just your scalp hitting the floor, it didn't even make a sound."

        "But I've already kowtowed," Wang Youcai complained with a grin, "if I kowtow again, I'll be kowtowing six heads."

        The old lady waved her hand and said, without giving a good face, "The first three don't count, so kowtow again, and it must be with a loud sound."

        Wang Youcai stalled, trying to get his sister to intercede.

        But before Wang Yanli could say anything, Xu Dexiang said loudly.

        "Wang Youcai, my mother has given the word for you to kowtow, so hurry up and do it. If you don't listen and make my mother angry, and her old man gets sick again, I will definitely not let you off!"

        At those words!

        Wang Youcai instantly turned into a bitter face.

        In desperation, Wang Youcai once again fell to his knees in front of Lin Fan and, enduring the pain, kowtowed three times, "Bang, Bang, Bang".

        Wang Yanli's face was almost as long as a donkey's. She said goodbye to the old lady, took Wang Youcai and Wang Zhijun with her and turned around to leave.

        When they arrived downstairs, they stood there and talked.

        Wang Youcai said angrily to Wang Yanli, "Wang Youcai, this is good, your family Yourong has grown in ability, to let us kowtow to that punk!"

        Wang Yanli was equally very angry, pointing her finger upstairs and saying.

        "Big brother, who knows if that punk got lucky, the old lady took the pills he gave her and just happened to wake up."

        Wang Youcai rubbed his bruised forehead, grinning in pain, and cursed.

        "That punk Lin Fan, I won't let him go!"

        At these words, Wang Zhijun was also at the side, adding fuel to the fire.

        "Yes, Big Aunt, how dare Lin Fan treat us disrespectfully before? But look at how arrogant that punk has become lately! If we don't get rid of him sooner, we'll all suffer in the end!"

        While a few people were talking, Wang Yanli's mobile phone rang.

        She took it out of her satchel and saw that it was Huo Dongying's phone, so she picked it up with no good grace.

        "Hey, Dongying, why is it so difficult for me to ask you to do something? I asked you to find a famous doctor to come and treat Grandma You Rong, but why hasn't anyone come by yet?"

        Huo Dongying immediately moved out the pretext she had thought of long ago and said.

        "Auntie, when I received your call, I immediately contacted a few famous doctors in Longcheng, but it turned out that those doctors happened to be unavailable. Why don't I call and contact them again?"

        "No need," Wang Yanli said coldly, "Grandma is almost well enough to get out of bed tomorrow."

        "Ah? Grandma Jiang is recovering so quickly, did you hire a famous doctor?" Huo Dongying asked, somewhat surprised.

        Wang Yanli replied, "There is no famous doctor, it's just a piece of trash who gave the old lady a pill and she's almost recovered."

        A waste?

        Huo Dongying frowned and said with a displeased expression.

        "Who is it?"

        Huo Dongying was secretly chagrined that he had let a punk steal the limelight. If he had known that the old lady's illness was so easily cured, he would have rushed to find a doctor to see the old lady.

        Wang Yanli continued to complain, saying.

        "Don't blame your aunt for saying that you are the young master of a big group. If you don't take the initiative and that punk gets the upper hand, you won't have a chance to marry You Rong away."