Today I Give Up Trying 1804

 "Beat her? She almost killed my mother, I'd be merciful if I didn't kill her."

        Xu Dexiang said angrily, if he had really listened to Wang Yanli and the others' instigation, the old lady would have been powerless.

        The old lady struggled to get up and Xu Dexiang hurriedly went over to hold her up.

        Xu You Rong also hurriedly tucked a cushion behind her grandmother, so that she could lean against it.

        "Am I sick?" The old lady said, a little confused, "You are all worried about me and are here to guard me, right?"

        Xu You Rong said happily, "Grandma, you're fine now, Lin Fan gave you a pill, you'll definitely live a long and healthy life!"

        "Oh disturbed?"

        The old lady looked at her son-in-law Lin Fan, who had always been regarded as a "loser" by her relatives and friends, and asked in disbelief.

        "You-young, are you saying that Lin Fan saved me?"

        Xu Dexiang said excitedly.

        "Yes, mother, it was Lin Fan who saved your old man! That elixir in that hand is worth a fortune, he gave it to you without even blinking, he is a great benefactor to our family!"


        As soon as she heard that!

        Wang Yanli on the other side bristled and said reluctantly, "In my opinion, there wasn't much wrong with our mother in the first place, the pill that Lin Fan gave her drilled a hole, I guess."

        Wang Youcai was immediately energized and said in a hurry.

        "Isn't that right? De Xiang, Yan Li is right, my grandmother could have lived a long life, she just had a little coma, so the bet just now is null and void ......"

        Lin Fan sneered and looked at the siblings, "What's the matter, are you planning to back out?"

        Xu You Rong said angrily at Wang You Cai, "Eldest uncle, a man's word is a promise, and a team of horses can't follow it. Now that my grandmother has woken up, you're going to cheat, aren't you?"

        Wang Yanli advised, "You Rong, he was just talking, why do you still take it seriously? He's your great uncle ......"

        Xu You Rong argued, "He's my uncle, but he's also the one who tried everything to stop us from saving people! Mum, this is your fault, just now when they were squeezing Lin Fan, you didn't help speak up, now it's his turn to kowtow to Lin Fan, and you still only help them!"

        The old lady on the bed asked with a bewildered look on her face.

        "Kowtowing, what kind of kowtowing?"

        Xu Dexiang explained, "Just now it was like this, Lin Fan said he could save you with that pill, they didn't believe it and said that if Lin Fan could really save you, he would kowtow to Lin Fan three times."     

        The old lady looked at the Wang Yanli sisters and asked.

        "Is there such a thing?"

        Wang Yanli saw that she couldn't deny it, so she nodded bitterly and said.

        "Mum, there is such a thing, but, but it's just something my elder brother said for fun, it can't be taken seriously, can it?"

        Who knew that the old lady did not pay attention to her, but said to Wang Youcai.

        "Wang Youcai, no matter what, my old lady has indeed woken up, so take it as a thank you to Lin Fan for me and just kowtow to him three times."

        Wang Youcai grinned and laughed bitterly, "Old lady, I've never even kowtowed to you old man, so should I really kowtow to this trash? It's not appropriate, is it?"

        "Kowtow! Isn't it just three kowtows?" The old lady said impatiently.

        "If you don't kowtow, don't come to our house anymore! Don't you forget how many favours our Xu family has given you over the years!"

        Xu You Rong urged from the side, "Hurry up and kowtow, Big Uncle, Grandma her old man has spoken, do you want Grandma to kowtow these three times?"

        Wang Youcai glared viciously at Xu Yourong, then helplessly got down for Lin Fan and kowtowed three times as if dealing with official business.


        He kowtowed but only pretended, his scalp just hitting the floor.