Today I Give Up Trying 1803

 "Okay, I promise you," Lin Fan nodded, "If I can't cure Grandma's illness, I won't pester Bai Yi anymore, and she can marry as she pleases."

        Bai Yi's eyes glistened with tears as she nervously took Lin Fan's hand and choked up.

        "Don't, Lin Fan, don't do this ......"

        Lin Fan gently patted the woman's hand and soothed.

        "It's okay wife, I have a plan in mind, grandma will wake up soon."

        Wang Yanli rolled her eyes at the side and sneered.

        "Let him be arrogant for a while longer, it won't take long for him to get lost on his own!"

        Wang Youcai sneered as he glanced at the old lady on the bed who still had her eyes tightly closed.

        "Lin Fan, just wait until you get the hell out of the Jiang family!"

        Wang Yanli added to the Xu family, "If he cheats later, you guys will throw him out!"

        "No problem, Auntie!" Several young men patted their chests and assured.

        "We'll definitely be at the front of the line when dealing with such a punk."

        Xu Dexiang, who was on the side, couldn't bear to watch and rushed at Wang Yanli to scold her.

        "Lin Fan has said that it will take half an hour to see the effect after taking the pills. Are you all so eager to see my mother pass away?"

        Wang Yanli hurriedly explained, "No, De Xiang, of course we want my mother-in-law to get better, but Lin Fan is not capable of doing that."

        Xu You Rong yelled angrily at Wang Yan Li.

        "Mom, since Lin Fan said he could see the results in half an hour, then he must be able to, why do you still look down on him like that?"

        Lin Fan picked up his phone and smiled as he looked at the time.

        "It won't take half an hour, twenty minutes have passed now, we only need to wait a few more minutes."

        "Hahahaha, Lin Fan," Wang Youcai said with a cocky bristle.

        "You're really cheeky! It doesn't matter, I'll see how long you can hold out. One more minute, I don't think grandma will wake up in another hour."

        Xu Dexiang, who had been staring at the old lady's face, suddenly shouted.

        "Don't argue, don't argue, look guys, my mother's eyelids just jumped twice."

        Wang Yanli shook her head and sighed.

        "Dexiang, I know you're my mother-in-law's dutiful son, but it's impossible for her to wake up."

        "Yes, Dexiang!" Wang Yanli said.

        "We all hope that the old lady will get better, but she is too old and frail to get better."

        Before she could say anything, she heard a rumbling sound in the old lady's throat.


        The crowd could not believe their ears and thought they had heard it wrong.

        Immediately afterwards, the old lady let out a long moan.


        The crowd stared at the old lady on the bed with wide eyes and surprise.

        Only to see the old lady open her eyes, blink, look at her son Xu Dexiang who was close by, and look at the crowd gathered around the bed.

        "Dexiang," the old lady said, "what are you doing by my bedside?"

        Xu Dexiang was overjoyed and said repeatedly.

        "Mum, you're awake, you're really awake! It's so good, it's so good!"

        Wang Yanli looked as if she had seen a ghost and stammered.

        "This, how is this possible? You were in a coma, weren't you? How, how did you wake up?"

        And at this moment, Wang Youcai's face turned green!

        Seeing the old lady wake up, he would have to kowtow to Lin Fan.

        Xu Dexiang stood up and "slapped" Wang Yanli's face.

        "Bitch, isn't it a great thing that my mother has woken up? What do you mean, you want my mum to stay in a coma?"

        Wang Yanli covered her face, unable to say anything.

        She just stared dumbly at the old lady on that hospital bed, only to feel her body shaking.

        Wang Youcai hurriedly walked over and shielded his sister while complaining.

        "De Xiang, Yan Li is at least your wife, how can you, as a husband, just hit her."