Today I Give Up Trying 1802

 Think he's the best after all?

        Huo Dongying was suddenly a bit apoplectic!

        How could he refuse Wang Yanli's request, he was still counting on her to give him a few more good words and try to get Xu You Rong to marry him soon.

        Huo Dongying pretended to agree, "Okay, auntie, I'll call a few famous doctors and see if they have time to help Grandma Jiang."

        He didn't say it to death, if Wang Yanli called again to urge, he could say that the famous doctors he had contacted were not available.

        Wang Yanli said happily, "Okay, Dongying, I'll be waiting for your good news then."

        After saying that, she hung up the phone and confidently waited for Huo Dongying's call back.

        Wang Youcai felt bad about letting that punk Lin Fan get the upper hand, so he encouraged the crowd to say.

        "Didn't Lin Fan claim that if Grandma takes his crap pill, she can come back from the dead, should we go over and take a look?"

        "Let's go, we must go and have a look. If that kid can't cure the old lady, we'll call the police and put him behind bars right away!"

        "Let's see if he dares to make a fool of himself in front of us again!"

        The crowd then went into the old lady's ward again.

        They saw that the old lady was still lying on her back in bed, without the slightest change at all.

        Seeing this, Wang Youcai immediately sneered, "De Xiang, didn't you believe that Lin Fan's pills worked, so why is the old lady still unconscious?"

        Wang Yanli also complained, "De Xiang, you've been tricked by this trash Lin Fan again. He's just a liar, how can a soft-earned punk know anything about medicine."

        Xu You Rong yelled to Wang Yan Li in chagrin.

        "Mom, what time is it, can you shut up and stop talking?"

        Xu Dexiang defended, "This Soul Restoring Pill has just been taken, how can it work all of a sudden? It takes some time ......"

        Wang Youcai interrupted Xu Dexiang and snickered.

        "Do you really think Lin Fan is a bowl of vegetables? What good medicine can his little broken bottle contain, it's called some kind of Soul Restoring Pill, just by the name you know it's fake."

        Xu You Rong said angrily, "Eldest uncle, don't talk nonsense here if you don't know what's going on! Lin Fan said that after taking the Soul Restoring Pill, grandma will get better and be able to get out of bed and walk tomorrow."

        Wang Youcai laughed coldly and said, "Xu Yourong, are your brains burnt out? Grandma is so sick that she will soon wake up and be able to get out of bed and walk tomorrow, how is that possible?"

        Lin Fan shrugged his shoulders and laughed.

        "Even if you think it's impossible, it's just a pity that it's not up to you, grandma will wake up soon and will definitely be able to get out of bed and walk tomorrow."

        Xu Dexiang angrily scolded at Wang Youcai.

        "Can you be quiet? My mother is still seriously ill. Since Lin Fan has said that he can cure your grandmother's illness, then there is a great hope!"

        Seeing Xu Dexiang repeatedly defend Lin Fan, Wang Youcai shouted gamely.

        "If that punk Lin Fan can really cure grandma's illness, I'll immediately kneel down and kowtow to him three times!"

        Lin Fan smiled playfully and asked, "Do you keep your word?"

        "Of course," Wang Youcai patted his chest, he saw to his death that Lin Fan was not that capable.

        A soft-earned punk could cure a terminally ill old man?

        What kind of joke is that?

        "A great man's word is his bond. I'm just afraid that you won't be able to cure the old lady and might even cause her to die soon, what are you going to do?"

        Lin Fan nodded and said, "If, I can't cure grandma's illness, I will immediately get out of the Bai family and never set foot in the Bai family again."

        Before the words left his mouth, Wang Yanli, who was at the side, immediately grabbed the words.

        "Lin Fan, this is what you said yourself, if you can't cure your grandmother's illness, you will immediately get out of the Bai family and stop pestering Bai Yi!"