Today I Give Up Trying 1801

 "In half an hour, at most, Grandma will wake up and be able to get out of bed and walk tomorrow." Lin Fan returned with confidence.

        Xu Dexiang asked, half-heartedly, "Is it that miraculous?"

        "Dad, just don't worry!" Xu You Rong smiled and whispered.

        "Lin Fan said that a Soul Restoring Pill is worth a hundred million dollars, so it will definitely be able to save Grandma."

        "That expensive!" Xu Dexiang said in surprise.

        Lin Fan smiled, "Auntie, this price is just my estimate. If you really want to put it up for sale, there will be people who will buy it for several times or even dozens of times."

        If taking a Soul Restoring Pill could prolong one's life by at least five years, those billionaires who were suffering from serious illnesses would definitely be willing to pay a large price for it.

        A slight relaxed smile surfaced on Xu Dexiang's face and he said in a consultative tone.

        "Lin Fan, if the Soul Restoring Pill is really that good, you can prepare one more pill for your grandmother, do you think it's okay?"

        His words were somewhat speechless.

        Lin Fan secretly laughed bitterly, this aunt of his was really a great filial son, the Soul Restoring Pill could only work once.

        The effect of taking the Soul Restoring Pill was to mobilise and stimulate the potential positive factors in the patient's body, so that the person could get rid of the disease and regain a healthy physique, thus achieving the goal of prolonging one's life.

        But those potential positive factors in a person's body are limited and cannot be replicated indefinitely, and will eventually lead to ageing and death.

        Lin Fan explained, "Auntie, although Soul Restoring Pills are good, it is useless to take more of them, it is impossible to extend one's life span many times."

        Xu You Rong followed and advised.

        "Dad, you're really the same. If Grandma could live five more years, wouldn't that already be a great thing?"

        "Yes, yes," Xu Dexiang nodded with a smile, "I would be happy if your grandmother could really live five more years! More than that, I wouldn't dare to hope for!"

        In the living room, Wang Youcai was grumbling indignantly.

        "De Xiang is really the same, why did he trust that punk Lin Fan?! If he really had that kind of ability, wouldn't he have made a fortune already?"

        Wang Yanli said discontentedly to Wang Youcai.

        "That's right, that punk took advantage of De Xiang's concern for the old lady and took advantage of him! If that punk Lin Fan could bring her old lady back to life, wouldn't he have opened a clinic himself and become a famous doctor at home and abroad?"

        Wang Zhijun on the other side was sweating coldly because he knew that Lin Fan was really a famous doctor at home and abroad.

        Wang Yanli skimmed her lips and sighed.

        "Alas, I can't do anything about Old Jiang either, he probably sees that his mother-in-law is dying soon and is so desperate that he has taken that punk Lin Fan and offered him up as a living Bodhisattva."

        At this time, Wang Youcai thought of something and reminded Wang Yanli from the side.

        "Yanli, isn't that Huo Dongying who is pursuing You Rong quite well-connected, why don't you call him and ask him to help find a famous doctor to look at grandma's illness?"

        Wang Yanli slapped her thigh, "If you hadn't reminded me, I would have forgotten about Huo Dongying. He must be able to find a famous doctor to help grandma and rub that punk's nose in it too, I'll call him right now."

        With that, Wang Yanli dialed Huo Dongying's number.

        The Huo Dongying on the other end of the phone asked enthusiastically.

        "Auntie, you're calling me, what's the matter?"

        "Dongying!" Wang Yanli said, "You Rong's grandmother is seriously ill right now, you have a wide network of people, help find some famous doctors to come over and look at the illness."

        How could Huo Dongying find so many famous doctors?

        There were only a few famous doctors in China, none of whom he could talk to.

        However, hadn't Xu You Rong gone with that divine doctor Lin, who had a horrible background?

        With his unparalleled skills, he could save a person in a matter of minutes, why would he need his help?

        Could it be that Xu You Rong has changed his mind?