Today I Give Up Trying 1800

 Xu You tolerated the humiliation and argued with a red face.

        "Why can't we be here, we are also grandchildren of grandma, besides now Lin Fan has a way to save grandma la."

        Xu Dexiang, who had been secretly wiping his tears on the side, stood up with a huff and asked loudly.

        "Lin Fan, is it true? You have a way to save grandma?"

        Everyone looked at Lin Fan, waiting for him to answer, or for him to slyly argue.

        Lin Fan held up the dark jade bottle of the Soul Restoring Pill in his hand.

        "Whether you can live or not, one pill will tell the tale, do you have a choice now?"

        Wang Youcai's expression became even more contemptuous as he angrily said.

        "Still trying to pretend? Do you think we're idiots to think that you can fool everyone with a rubbish thing?"

        Lin Fan glanced at Wang Youcai.

        "I don't know if others are, but you must be!"


        Wang Youcai was furious enough, how dare this dead punk insult himself?

        Xu You Rong nodded firmly to Xu Dexiang and the crowd.

        "Yes, you all think Lin Fan is a waste, but I don't think so! I believe that his pills can save grandma, and I intend to try them too!"

        At these words, Xu Dexiang was just about to speak, but Wang Yanli sneered, "If you hadn't taken that crap pill of yours, grandma might still be able to last a day or two; if you took that crap pill of yours and grandma then spilled her hands, would you take responsibility?"

        "I'll take responsibility." Lin Fan said with a smile.

        Wang Yanli said angrily, "You'll take responsibility? Can you afford it, Lin Fan? That's a human life, if you died because of your broken pills, it wouldn't be too much to send you to jail."

        At this point, Xu Dexiang looked solemnly at Lin Fan.

        "Lin Fan, are you sure that your grandmother can be saved if you take the pills you gave her?"

        Lin Fan nodded seriously, "I can be sure that not only can I save my grandmother's life, but I can also extend her old man's life by five years, if I can't do that, you guys can just send me to jail."

        Wang Youcai burst out laughing, "Hahahaha, Lin Fan, you said that yourself, don't you regret it!"

        He thought that if he sneered at Lin Fan, the others would surely echo his words.

        It was just that he laughed so wildly that instead of anyone agreeing, the crowd all looked at him angrily, even Xu Dexiang cast a disgruntled glance at him.

        "I, I didn't mean anything else," Wang Youcai scratched his scalp awkwardly, "I just said that Lin Fan was bragging, there is no such thing as a magic pill, I was worried that he would harm the old lady."

        Xu Dexiang nodded vigorously, "Good, Lin Fan, I believe you, give your grandmother the miracle pill you brought right away!"

        Wang Yanli, however, blocked again, "Dexiang, this is not a joke, think carefully, who will take responsibility if something happens?"

        Wang Youcai also said worriedly, "Yes, De Xiang, if you take the pills that Lin Fan brought, and your mother-in-law then dies, you will be the one to blame for your own mother's death."

        "Get out, all of you!" Xu Dexiang exclaimed, annoyed.

        "My mother is lying in bed, looking like her life is in danger. You didn't say you'd follow her and think of a way, but now Lin Fan has a way to save the old man, and you're still here to stand in the way, so get out!"

        After saying that, he pushed and shoved Wang Yanli, Wang Youcai and the others out of the ward.

        Lin Fan opened the dark jade bottle, poured the Soul Restoring Pill out of the jade bottle and placed it in Xu You Rong's palm.

        Over there, Xu Dexiang picked up Old Lady Jiang and gathered her in his arms.

        Xu You Rong carefully put the Soul Restoring Pill into his grandmother's mouth.

        Xu Dexiang fed Old Madam Jiang a few sips of water from a paper cup, poured the Soul Restoring Pill into her belly, and then slowly helped her lie back down.

        "Lin Fan, how long will it take to see the effects?"

        Xu Dexiang asked in a low voice, the one who was most nervous at this time was undoubtedly him.

        He was afraid that he, himself, had bet wrong!