Today I Give Up Trying 1799

 Xu Dexiang anxiously pursued the question, "Lin Fan, are you telling the truth? Not lying to me?"

        Although he didn't really believe it either, he could only treat a dead horse as a living one at this time.

        "De Xiang, you really believe this trash's nonsense."

        Wang Youcai skipped his lips and laughed, Xu Dexiang actually believed Lin Fan's nonsense, too brain-damaged, right?

        "You shut up!" Xu Dexiang bellowed.

        Once he saw his furious look, Wang Youcai didn't dare to squeal again.

        "Whether I'm talking nonsense or not, you should ask Wang Zhijun, I think he'll give you a satisfactory answer."

        Lin Fan smiled playfully and looked at Wang Zhijun, after all, Wang Zhijun also knew about him being God Doctor Lin.


        At those words, everyone then looked at Wang Zhijun in confusion, with a strong curiosity in their eyes.

        And Wang Youcai also frowned and asked after him.

        "Zhijun, is what this guy said true?"

        "I... I don't know!"

        Wang Zhijun stammered back, at this time, he didn't know how to open his mouth to explain.

        Seeing this, Wang Yanli hurriedly stood out to round up the situation and said.

        "De Xiang, don't listen to Lin Fan's nonsense, if he really had that kind of ability, why would he have to eat soft rice and suffer humiliation and bullying in the Bai family?"

        At that moment!

        Wang Yanli then pointed her finger at Lin Fan and rebuked, "Lin Fan, if you dare to talk nonsense again, get out of here now and don't make us angry here, don't you have any idea how capable a punk can be?"

        The other Xu family members laughed at Lin Fan for being too pretentious, even the doctor said there was nothing he could do, yet Lin Fan said that a single pill could renew his life for five years?

        What a fucking brag!

        Xu Dexiang, who was sitting by the bed, sighed helplessly and was completely desperate at this point.

        Bai Yi saw that not only did the people not appreciate the situation, they started blaming Lin Fan instead, and was very unhappy for her husband.

        Lin Fan was a divine doctor, even better than Medicine Master Lin?

        He was kind enough to save people!

        Why did these people with eyes and pearls look down on him so much?

        At this time, Xu You Rong was also frowning deeply and made a bold move directly, pulling Lin Fan's hand towards the ward and leaving.

        "He's gone, that trash is gone!"

        Wang Youcai laughed out loud, and then said to the crowd.

        "Look guys, that punk has nothing to say, so he ran away!"

        And when they reached outside the ward, Xu You Rong looked around, before asking Lin Fan in a low voice.

        "Lin Fan, that pill you gave to my grandmother, can it really save my grandmother?"

        "Others don't believe in me, and you don't believe in me either?" Lin Fan asked with a smile.

        Xu You Rong nodded and hurriedly said.

        "Of course I believe you, after all, you're Divine Doctor Lin!"

        Lin Fan spread his hands and laughed, saying.

        "Then it's not a problem, if I say I can save grandma's life, it's no problem. Just listen to the name, the Soul Restoring Pill, a Soul Restoring Pill, raises the dead back to life on earth."

        "But... But that pill looks, also, also too ordinary."

        Xu You Rong still didn't quite believe it, he said.

        Lin Fan came up to Xu You Rong and said in his ear, "Don't look at its dark appearance, it looks inconspicuous, but it's worth a hundred million dollars."

        "One hundred million, that's too expensive, isn't it?!" Xu You Rong said with widened eyes.

        "It's not expensive. A Soul Restoring Pill can extend your life by at least five years, do you think it's expensive?" Lin Fan said with a squeeze.

        Xu You Rong said happily, "Great, that means grandma's life is saved!"

        "Good, then let's hurry inside and give Grandma the Soul Restoring Pill."

        The two of them walked into the ward once again.

        Wang Yanli looked at the two of them with disgust and said coldly.

        "You Rong, didn't you drag him away, why are you back again?"

        Wang Youcai sneered, "Some people are just thick-skinned, even if they know that everyone hates him, they still go out and come in as usual."

        Wang Yanli impatiently waved her hands at Xu You Rong and Lin Fan, saying.

        "Get lost, get lost, just let your grandmother live in peace before she leaves. Don't let her old man get angry when he sees you."