Today I Give Up Trying 1798

 Xu Dexiang stood up with a huff and said angrily.

        "Bullshit! How can you say such heartless words when our mother has been so kind to us and her old man is still alive?"

        Wang Yanli knew she was in the wrong, and mumbled her defence.

        "I don't mean anything else, I just want to make preparations earlier so that we don't panic later."    

        And at this time, Wang Youcai was looking at Bai Shan with a bad smile.

        "Bai Shan, isn't your New Bai Clan working with Pill Elder? Why don't you let your family's loser go and invite Pill Master? He's such a famous doctor, I'm sure he'll be able to cure the disease once he does it."

        A hype!

        A deliberate hype!

        Wang Yanli also added fuel to the fire and said, "Yes, I guess no one can save my mother-in-law except Elder Medicine in China. Let that punk from your family make a trip and invite Elder Pill to come and treat her, so that he can do something for our family."

        Even if Lin Fan could invite Pill Master, even if he cured the old lady, it would not change the image of Lin Fan as a "loser".

        If Lin Fan couldn't invite Elder Medicine, then they could "beat the dog in the water" and take the opportunity to disgrace Lin Fan.

        Wang Yanli could not see her true intentions and immediately said no.

        Bai Yi's face turned red with anger as she heard how they had belittled her man.

        Is this the way to ask for help?

        But she was not at liberty to take offence here, so she held Lin Fan's hand gently and sent comfort to him with her eyes.

        Lin Fan blinked and smiled at his woman, indicating that he didn't care about their derogatory comments.

        However, Wang Youcai sneered unforgivingly, "Lin Fan, why don't you say anything, isn't your family very powerful? What, the Medicine Master is willing to give even that much face, huh? In that case, your New Bai Clan isn't very good either!"

        All the people in the room looked at Lin Fan.

        Xu Dexiang said, "Little Fan, if you can talk to Old Medicine, please go and ask Old Medicine to come and see the old lady, our whole family will be grateful to you."

        Until the last moment, Xu Dexiang would not give up on saving his mother.

        But Lin Fan stepped forward and shouted back, "There's actually no need to invite Elder Medicine over."

        "No need to invite Medicine Elder? Then who's going to save the old lady, by relying on you, a punk?"

        Wang Youcai immediately snorted with laughter.

        An untimely roar of laughter rang out in the bedroom.

        Everyone in the room looked at Lin Fan with contempt.

        Wang Yanli also cast a hateful glance at Lin Fan, "If he really had that kind of ability, would he still need to eat soft rice?"

        "You guys are happy, aren't you?" Xu Dexiang accused angrily, "Looking at the old man's dying breath, instead of being sad, each and every one of you is overjoyed, right?!"

        An awkward silence fell over the bedroom.

        Wang Yanli stammered, "De Xiang, don't be angry. Of course we are sad that her old lady is critically ill, but it's just that seeing as that trash has said that he refuses to invite Medicine Elder, it's clear that he doesn't want to help."

        Xu Dexiang gave her a discontented look and asked Lin Fan again.

        "Lin Fan, you said that you don't need to invite Medicine Elder over, so do you have any other way to save the old lady?"

        Only then did Lin Fan say, "I have a method that can save the old lady's life!"


        The crowd instantly lit up and looked at Lin Fan in disbelief.

        Was this guy serious?

        The crowd then saw Lin Fan take out a medicine bottle, pour out a blackened pill and said.

        "Here is a Soul Restoration Pill, take it and it will renew your life for five years!"

        Renewing her life for five years?

        The crowd's eyes were about to glaze over!

        Wouldn't that be like an immortal pill?

        What kind of medicine is so miraculous?

        Everyone immediately looked at Lin Fan with an expression of having seen a ghost, with a strong shock in their eyes.

        Wang Youcai laughed again and said, "Don't be so damned nonsensical.