Today I Give Up Trying 1797

 Xu You Rong gritted her teeth and was so angry that she couldn't say a word.

        It turned out that Wang Youcai and his son were behind this!

        However, at that moment, Xu You Rong was awakened by the urgent ringing of her mobile phone.

        She picked up the phone and saw that it was her father Xu Dexiang's number, so she sat up and picked up the phone.

        "Hello, Dad, is something wrong?"

        On the other end of the line, Xu Dexiang asked anxiously.

        "You Rong, where did you go last night, why didn't you answer the phone even after calling you so many times? Did something happen?"

        When she heard her father's anxious voice, Xu Yourong wanted to cry with grievance and stammered back, "We stayed out for a long time yesterday, so we stayed at the hotel and went home in the afternoon."

        Xu Dexiang shouted, "Your grandmother is critically ill, so hurry over, the whole family is at your grandmother's house."

        After saying that, Xu Dexiang hung up the phone.

        What? Grandma is critically ill?

        Xu You Rong looked nervous, it turned out that she had returned to China this time, partly because she wanted to come back for development, and partly because her grandmother's condition was unstable.

        The Wang Yanli couple happened to bring the old man to Imperial City for medical treatment, but they did not expect the news that she was critically ill to come out now.

        "Bai Yi, let's go to grandma's house now, her old man is critically ill!"

        Lin Fan and the others didn't dare to be lazy, so they busily went through the discharge procedures with Xu You Rong and took a taxi to the hospital where the old lady was.

        When they arrived at the hospital, they found that Wang Youcai and Wang Yanli were all there, and there were even quite a few members of the Xu family.

        When the people saw Lin Fan walk in after Xu You Rong, they couldn't help but give him another cold look of disgust.

        It was obvious that before they came here, Wang Youcai and the others had already said something to their relatives.

        Wang Zhijun immediately sneered, "Hmph, Xu Yourong, you're really grandma's precious granddaughter haha. Grandma is critically ill, and you're still lazing around outside with this trash!"

        When Wang Youcai saw Lin Fan appear, he also took on the stance of an elder and said coldly, "You can't let me count you out. If you were dealing with normal people, it would be fine. If you're a liar and a loser, isn't that what you get when you're close to the vermilion and the ink?"

        Even though they were ridiculing her, Xu You Rong did not want to argue with them, but asked Wang Yan Li who was at the side.

        "Mom, where is my father?"

        Wang Yanli glanced at her, "Where can your father be? He's in your grandmother's bedroom, keeping watch."

        Xu You Rong immediately took Lin Fan's hand and walked quickly to the old lady's bedroom.

        Behind them came another round of snide comments from the Xu family.

        They jeered at Bai Shan, "Oh, Bai Shan, I see your family Bai Yi hasn't woken up yet, she hasn't even divorced this soft-earner yet, instead she is sticking closer to him."

        Wang Youcai even scolded, "That silly girl Bai Yi is just not enlightened, so many rich young men are pursuing her, she must be under a spell to be with that loser all day long."

        At those words!

        Bai Shan and Shen Yumei were so angry that their bodies trembled, they had given Wang Youcai fifty million dollars, but in the end, they were still targeting their family at every turn.

        They didn't even remember their kindness!

        What a bunch of white-eyed wolves!

        In the bedroom, the old lady was lying on her back on the bed, her eyes tightly closed, and she was already breathing in less and out more. It looked like she might die at any moment.

        With tears in his eyes, Xu Dexiang was at his mother's bedside, helpless.

        Xu You Rong looked at his critically ill grandmother and tears came to his eyes.

        "Dad, what is the situation now?" Xu You Rong asked anxiously.

        Xu Dexiang slowly shook his head and said, "The hospital has looked at her and said that your grandmother is too old and her life expectancy is approaching, so even if she is rescued, it won't help."

        At this moment, a group of Xu family members came into the bedroom and stood in front of the old lady's bed.

        Wang Yanli pretended to be in pain and sighed in a feigned manner, saying.

        "Alas, Dexiang, our mother doesn't have much time left, so why don't we stop treating her and save her the pain, I think it's better to hurry up and arrange the afterlife."