Today I Give Up Trying 1796

 Smell that!

        Wang Yanli also felt that what Wang Zhijun said made sense, so she coldly snorted reluctantly.

        "Fine, listen to you!"

        If her daughter can't think straight and thinks she's been wronged, that's because she's young and doesn't know any better.

        When she grows older, she will understand that there are more comforting and exciting things in this world than money.

        "Lin Fan, you piece of shit, wait for me," Wang Yanli muttered angrily as she walked into the lift, "I'll get you sooner or later!"

        In the elevator room, several guests looked at the three of them like they were monsters.

        Wang Zhijun awkwardly reached out and tugged at Wang Yanli's coat corner.

        Who knew that Wang Yanli would get even angrier and shouted at the guests.

        "What are you looking at, haven't you ever seen an old lady get angry?!"


        Inside the sickroom, Lin Fan sat at the head of the bed.

        Xu You Rong was holding Bai Yi's hand, still sobbing, her eyes already red and swollen from crying.

        "Bai Yi!" Xu You Rong asked, wiping her tears,"

        You said my mother, how could she do that, she's my own mother, sob, sob."

        Last night in the private room, when Wang Yanli smiled at Li Yinsheng and said those desperate words, she felt that the whole sky had collapsed.

        She was thinking that if Li Yinsheng spoiled her, then she would kill herself and leave this world that was breaking her heart.

        "It's okay, don't be sad, cousin!" Bai Yi said gently, patting Xu You Rong's back.

        "Let's just keep her away from us from now on!"

        At this moment, Xu You Rong felt an unprecedented amount of guilt towards Lin Fan.

        If it wasn't for Lin Fan last night, her life would have been ruined.

        But before that, how had she treated Lin Fan?

        It was indifference, detachment, and even contempt.

        Thinking of this, Xu You Rong then half regretted, half cried, and said to Lin Fan.

        "Lin Fan, I'm sorry, I was too mean to you in the past, please forgive me!"

        Lin Fan sighed.

        "A family doesn't speak of two families, why don't you get well first?"

        Xu You Rong said with tears in her eyes, "But I really treated you badly, how can you still treat me with such tolerance? It's my fault!"

        "I... I'm sorry!"

        The more Xu You Rong said, the guiltier she felt, as if she wanted to die to make it clear.

        "Alright cousin, if you keep crying we'll have to suffer along with you!" Bai Yi raised her hand to wipe Xu You Rong's tears and teased.

        "Look at you, your eyes are all red and swollen from crying. If you keep on like this, you'll become a big flowered cat!"

        After being teased by him like this, Xu You Rong broke into tears and laughed before she stopped crying.

        Lin Fan also asked softly.

        "What are you going to do now?"

        Xu You Rong thought of her mother's face, and her expression became despondent.

        "I don't want to go home now, as soon as I go back, I won't be able to control my emotions when I see my mother."

        Lin Fan nodded: "Good, then we won't go home for now, and when you are in a better mood, then we will go back."

        "Thank you, Lin Fan." Xu You Rong said in a gentle whisper.

        It was only when a woman was vulnerable that she would deeply appreciate who was good to her.

        Such was the case with Xu You Rong at the moment.

        Looking at Lin Fan, Xu You Rong didn't know what came to her mind, her cheeks flushed red and her heart began to pound.

        And Bai Yi also thought of something and reminded him, "Sister, when we get home, don't mention what happened last night, or else auntie will probably be furious."

        At those words!

        Xu You Rong then sighed and nodded.

        "My father is also really pitiful, living in my mother's shadow all his life, which has made my mother become more and more arrogant and profit-oriented."

        "And on Wang Zhijun's side, you also remember to call and remind him not to spread the news about last night everywhere!"

        Lin Fan added.

        "And I've also learnt that this whole affair was all because Wang Zhijun got carried away with his money and accepted a five million dollar favor from Li Yinsheng! That's why he took the initiative to introduce Li Yinsheng to your mother, and that's what almost got you killed!"