Today I Give Up Trying 1795

 When Lin Fan saw Xu You Rong in such pain, he looked at Wang Yan Li with a face full of anger.

        "Do you have to wait for me to do something before you will leave?!"

        Although Wang Yanli still despised Lin Fan in her heart, but seeing her daughter lose her voice and cry in pain, she was afraid that Lin Fan would lose his mind, so she stood up resentfully and walked out.

        As she walked, she even said, "Fine, fine, I'll go home first then, you guys can pretty much go home, hospitalization is very expensive, don't waste that money."

        Lin Fan cried and laughed at her, she was spending money without blinking an eye.

        Now that her daughter had almost suffered because of her, she still had the heart to feel sorry for the money.

        Wang Yanli then left Frozen, but only when she reached the lift room, she saw Wang Youcai and Wang Zhijun walking out.

        "Yanli, why are you here? Aren't you watching You Rong?"

        Wang Youcai asked in confusion.

        Upon hearing this, Wang Yanli instantly became angry and cursed in chagrin, "Blame it on the dead trash who eats soft rice, how dare you blow up at me, and even dare to drive me away! If it wasn't for the sadness of You Rong, I would have slapped him a few times."


        Wang Youcai was outright furious, pulling Wang Yanli's hand and saying angrily.

        "Let's go, let's go find him! How dare a little superfluous son-in-law call us names? I think he's tired of living!"

        But when she heard this, Wang Yanli glanced back nervously, then advised in a low voice.

        "Big brother, keep your voice down, if that kid hears you, it will be troublesome!"


        Wang Youcai froze at once, seemingly unable to understand why Wang Yanli was so scared.

        What was there to fear from a son-in-law?

        Only Wang Zhijun on the side was shivering, it seemed that Wang Yanli had also learned the terror of that guy.

        "So what if I hear?" Wang Youcai bristled and said, full of care.

        "It's just a waste ? What's the big deal?"

        "But last night, he killed Li Yinsheng." Wang Yanli whispered in Wang Youcai's ear.

        Li Yinsheng?

        Wang Youcai had naturally heard of Wang Yanli, she was a wealthy and handsome man.

        Rich in knowledge!

        A man of great talent!

        Such a person, could Lin Fan kill?


        Wang Youcai immediately denied it, saying.

        "It must just be a coincidence, if that guy really had that kind of ability, how come he didn't dare to say anything back after being blackmailed by us?"

        A punk is a punk!

        Always just a soft-earned punk!

        Wang Yanli tilted her head and thought, "Yes, Li Yinsheng died yesterday, but she hadn't seen Lin Fan kill anyone with her own eyes either, had she?

        Maybe it was someone else's work!

        She asked, "Big brother, according to you, that punk Lin Fan isn't worth being afraid of at all?"

        Wang Youcai laughed contemptuously.

        "He's nothing! If I liked it, I would have crippled him in a minute, wouldn't he dare to fight back?"

        "Don't forget that old man Bai Shan still owes our family a huge favour, if it wasn't for us, they would have starved to death!"

        Wang Yanli said with a cheeky smile at once.

        "Right, and that trash Lin Fan is still eating the soft rice of the Bai family, clean him up and he'll have to give a good beating."

        In Wang Yanli's opinion, that damned trash Lin Fan played with his heart and used his daughter Xu You Rong's vulnerable time to play up to her.

        That trash relied on foxes and tigers to ruin their family's good business, and as a result, he even dared to act like a match in front of them.

        "Let's go, go and clean him up now!"

        Wang Yanli scolded.

        Wang Zhijun was instantly startled and hastily stopped Wang Yanli.

        "I think it's better to wait until Xu You Rong is better, after all, she's so uncomfortable now, if we still stimulate her at this time, it might even backfire!"

        Just kidding, he didn't want to die!

        That monster, it would really kill people!