Today I Give Up Trying 1794


        Wang Yanli, dumbfounded and incredulous, said.

        "How can that be? When I saw him yesterday, he was fine!"

        "It was after you met him that something happened, he had someone killed, I was going to ask you what happened last night!"

        "How did Mr. Li die in the box for no good reason?"


        Wang Yanli's head was about to explode, as she suddenly remembered what Lin Fan had said just after he entered the door!

        How do you want to die?

        He had said that to Li Yinsheng, and then Li Yinsheng had really died?

        Could it be that this guy in front of her had killed Li Yinsheng?


        Wang Yanli's mobile phone fell to the ground in shock, and a strong fear flooded her eyes.

        It also jerked back to what Lin Fan had said at the entrance of the hotel.

        He said that he had killed Li Yinsheng, but Wang Yanli didn't take his words seriously at all.

        She just thought that this kid was bragging!

        But now it seemed that it was actually true!

        Oh my God!

        How had he done it?

        When the head turned to look at Lin Fan, it was when he saw Lin Fan sneering at him.

        In an instant!

        Wang Yanli was about to be paralyzed with fear!

        It was him!

        It was really him!

        "That, Lin Fan, ah, you... Listen to me, it's a misunderstanding!" Wang Yanli swallowed her saliva and mustered up enough courage to say.

        Remembering what happened last night, she was immediately scared to the point of pale.

        She had never thought that Lin Fan, the usually submissive son-in-law, would have such ruthless tactics.

        Li Yinsheng and his men were people that their Xu family did not dare to offend, and they killed them just like that?

        Then she dared to offend Lin Fan like this, would this guy also kill himself once he went mad?

        And Lin Fan just sneered and said nothing!

        This scene stunned Bai Yi and the others.

        What was going on, why did Wang Yanli seem like a completely different person after taking a phone call.

        How dare she take the initiative to show weakness to Lin Fan?

        Lin Fan, what exactly had he done?

        Seeing that Lin Fan was not paying attention to himself, Wang Yanli was the one who smiled along and defended himself, saying.

        "Aiya, Lin Fan, don't be angry about what happened last night, what do I know as a woman ......"

        "Just be magnanimous and let me go as if I'm a fart, okay?"

        This scene is even more confusing!

        This tigress has instantly become a white rabbit?

        What exactly did she say in that phone call?

        Lin Fan suddenly stood up and pointed his finger at Wang Yanli and said angrily.

        "Don't call me by my name, I'm disgusting! And... Get lost!!!"

        Wang Yanli was so annoyed by Lin Fan's scolding that if it were any other day, she would have slapped Lin Fan with a big slap.

        However, even though she was being scolded by Lin Fan, she had to hold back and did not dare to lose her temper.

        She had to know that this former "waste of a son-in-law" had now changed his role drastically and was not someone she could dare to mess with.

        "I... I'm doing this for the good of You Rong, who doesn't want their daughter to marry well?" Wang Yanli argued cheekily.

        "If he can marry Mr. Li, in the end, it won't be her own benefit ......"

        Lin Fan was really speechless, such a mother had no mercy to betray her own daughter in order to earn that little profit, and she even had the cheek to say that it was for the good of their young people.

        Oh, Lin Fan sneered as he watched her perform.

        Wang Yanli walked to the bedside and reached out to stroke Xu You Rong's back, pretending to say softly.

        "Good daughter, don't cry, I am your own mother, how can I not feel sorry for you? But, but they are too rich to be offended, why don't you understand your mother's painful heart?"

        As she said that, she even pretended to use her hand to wipe the non-existent "tears".

        Lin Fan was disgusted by her. Last night, she pushed her daughter into the fire in the private room, and today she was playing the pity game.

        Even Bai Yi looked at Wang Yanli with disgust.

        This cousin of hers was not only disregarding her own daughter, but was also putting her in danger.

        Wang Yanli was pretending to be pitiful, "crying" about how hard it was for her.

        Xu You Rong sat up violently, pointed her finger at Wang Yan Li's nose and said loudly.

        "Get out, I don't want to see you!"

        Wang Yanli pulled down her face and reprimanded, "You are not a child, why are you kicking me out, I am your mother!"

        Hearing these words, Xu You Rong cried out even more vociferously.

        "Get out, get out!"