Today I Give Up Trying 1792

 At those words!

        Xu You Rong's heart was suddenly filled with misery, and two lines of tears then slid down his cheeks.

        She couldn't understand why she was born into such a family and had such a mother.

        And Wang Yanli, with a look of indifference, continued to yell in an aggressive manner.

        "She was born to me, I can beat her to death, why do I need you to tell me what to do?"

        "Speak up! Where is Li Yinsheng, or I'll make you look good!"

        Lin Fan laughed coldly and said.

        "He's already dead!"


        Wang Yanli's expression changed as she looked at Lin Fan in shock.

        But soon she sneered.

        "Are you kidding, are you trying to say that you killed Li Yinsheng? With just this waste of a son-in-law of yours?"

        Lin Fan also laughed and said.

        "Then do you want to try?"

        Those eyes were cold to the extreme, containing a strong killing intent, and they just stared straight at Wang Yanli.

        At this moment, Wang Yanli felt like she was being stared at by a fierce beast, and could not help but tremble in shock.

        At this moment, Lin Fan stopped paying attention to Wang Yanli and picked up Xu You Rong straight away.

        "I'll take you to the hospital!"

        Xu You Rong's face was bitter as she nodded, at this moment she could not even speak anymore.

        In the afternoon, inside the hotel ward.

        On the big bed, Xu You Rong lay there on her side, still secretly weeping.

        It was hard for her to accept how her mother could stand by and watch herself being abused by a pervert, why was that?

        After the doctor's treatment, her body had basically recovered.

        In order to save her from irritation, Lin Fan took her and Bai Yi to stay in the hospital for the time being.

        Bai Yi sat by the bedside and reached out to gently stroke her hair, soothing her grief and anger.

        "Sister, don't be sad, I think cousin Auntie already knows the error of her ways."

        Bai Shan looked at her and said angrily, "Knowing the mistake she wouldn't have done it, would have let her watch her own flesh and blood fall into the fire and not help, instead choosing to stand by and watch?"

        Bai Yi gave him a look, but sighed helplessly.

        As she was talking, Bai Yi's mobile phone rang.

        When she saw that it was Wang Yanli's number, she stood up and said.

        "A friend of mine is calling, I'm going out to take a call."

        Bai Yi hurried to the corridor and ducked out a long way before picking up the phone in a cold, hard tone.

        "Cousin aunt, do you need something?"

        Wang Yanli's cursing voice came from the phone.

        "Damn girl, what do you mean I have something to do? I've called you so many times, why didn't you answer?!"

        Bai Yi lowered her voice and said, "I'm accompanying my sister in the hospital, it's not convenient to answer the phone ......"

        "What?" Wang Yanli said angrily, "How did she go to the hospital, didn't she just drink some wine, what's the point of pretending to be dead?"

        Wang Yanli had intended for her daughter Bai Yi to serve Li Yinsheng well so that she could earn more for their family.

        As a result, this girl refused to be soft and was interfered with by Lin Fan, and now she was afraid that she had offended Li Yinsheng to death, and she was now in a hurry to find Xu You Rong to apologise to Li Yinsheng.

        She then asked, "Which hospital are you in?"

        Bai Yi said, "My sister, she's fine, we're in the hospital now, we'll go home when she's in a better mood."

        After saying that, Bai Yi hung up the phone in a hurry and walked back inside the ward.

        But not long after, there was a hard knock on the door of the ward.

        Bai Shan walked over and opened the door to the room.

        Wang Yanli barged in at once, her expression exaggerated as she pointed her finger at Xu You Rong who was lying on the bed and said angrily.

        "Damn girl, what do you think you're doing alright? You were told to serve someone else, Mr. Li, properly for the good of our family, and you fucking screwed up, not to mention that you now have the face to play dead here?"

        At those words!

        Xu You Rong covered her face with her hands and cried out on the bed.

        Lin Fan walked over with big steps, pointed his finger at the door of the room and said angrily.

        "Get out of here, can't you see that your daughter is still on a drip? How can you be pretending to be dead? Do you still have a conscience?"