Today I Give Up Trying 1789

 No matter how much Xu Yourong resisted, she was finally pushed and shoved by Wang Yanli to the hotel box.

        Xu You Rong's heart was always anxious, feeling that something was not quite right.

        "Miss Xu You Rong, right? Come, come, come and sit down, this is a cocktail specially prepared for you!"

        Li Yinsheng licked his lips and greeted Xu Youyong, his eyes narrowed as he looked her up and down, his eyes lit up as soon as he saw her.

        Sure enough, she was a rare beauty!

        "Excuse me, Mr. Li ...... I'm not very good at drinking ......"

        Xu You Rong pushed back, she is not a fool, in this kind of place, can not drink she definitely will not drink

        "Aiya, you just don't pretend, do you even believe me? Could mum still harm you?"

        Wang Yanli said, and then pulled Xu You Rong to drink the whole cup full of wine.

        Xu You Rong frowned tightly, this was very wrong, both the wine and Wang Yan Li's reaction were not right.

        Xu You Rong took advantage of the time when the crowd was raising their glasses to Li Wenzhao to send a text message to Lin Fan for help.

        At this moment, the only person she could rely on was Lin Fan!

        When they saw Xu You Rong drinking, Wang Yan Li and Li Yinsheng exchanged glances and both laughed wistfully.

        After that, Wang Yanli left the box on the pretext of going to the toilet.

        After a few more rounds of drinks, Xu You Rong was a little drowsy and looked up and asked.

        "Mr. Li, it's not too early you see ......"

        Before Xu You Rong could finish his sentence, he was pulled back by Li Yinsheng.

        "The time is not early? Do you think you can still escape when you get here? Your mother would have sold you to me long ago!"

        Li Yinsheng said with an evil smile, tugging Xu You Rong's hair and pulling her up with one hand.

        Xu You Rong ate the pain and opened her mouth slightly, Li Yinsheng picked up the cup and poured it down.

        Wine and tears slid down Xu You Rong's white neck ......

        She finally realized that she had let her closest relatives betray her!

        This time also Wang Yanli face look happy, thinking that later when Xu You Rong and Li Yinsheng cooked rice, Xu You Rong want not to say yes can not be.

        If they get close to a rich man like Li Yinsheng, their family will be able to eat and drink without any worries in the future.

        But unexpectedly, Wang Yanli happened to bump into Lin Fan who came through the door.

        Wang Yanli glanced at Lin Fan in disgust and rushed away from him to the private room, thinking that this kid must have been called by that dead girl.

        Lin Fan frowned slightly, Wang Yanli's perverse behaviour made his face sink?

        Zhang Jianjun happened to see this scene not far away and was just about to go after him when Lin Fan pulled him back.

        "Don't act rashly, go and find out for me which compartment she went to and what they all do!"


        When Wang Yanli arrived, Xu You Rong had already turned into a tearful person, her whole body was already dazed, and the consciousness in her body was passing away one by one ......

        "Mom! Please take me away! I beg you!"

        When she saw Wang Yanli, Xu Yourong opened her eyes as if she had touched a life-saving straw when she was about to sink to the bottom of the lake.

        There were also a few more slap marks on her face, obviously she had received a severe beating!

        But Xu You Rong never expected that Wang Yan Li, as if she didn't see her, would be all smiles to curry favour with Li Yinsheng, the perpetrator of the crime: "Why, Mr. Li?

        "Why, Mr. Li, if you have taken a fancy to Keqing, why did you have to do it? Wouldn't it be better to tell me about this kind of thing? I'll get her drunk, and you can do whatever you want."

        Xu You Rong was confused, she couldn't believe this was her own mother saying this.

        "Mom, what are you talking about?"

        She asked incredulously as she pulled Wang Yanli's arm hard.

        But to her surprise, Wang Yanli waved it away and Wang Yanli turned to Xu Yourong with a cold face and said.

        "What are you doing? It's your good fortune that Mr. Li is interested in you, don't be insensitive!"

        Xu You Rong's tears gushed out, this was the mother she trusted!

        "I want to go! Let me go!"

        As soon as the words left her mouth she got up and rushed outside

        "Wang Yanli, I have already said that you are mine today, don't expect to run away!"

        Li Yinsheng reached out and grabbed Xu You Rong's coat, teasing behind Xu You Rong.

        But Xu You Rong, like a madman, unzipped her tunic a few times, revealing her bottomed knitted shirt inside, and rushed towards the door

        But Li Yinsheng was already following fast, a few steps away.

        A few steps ...... She was just a few steps from the door! Xu You Rong's tears couldn't stop pouring down.

        It just so happened that she flung herself into the arms of a man at the entrance of the private room, giving her immense peace of mind

        "Holy shit, you dead bitch! It hurts me to death!"

        "Lin Fan, you're finally here?"

        Lin Fan looked at Wang Yanli, whose face was covered in scars, and a cold aura burst out of his eyes.

        "Well, I'm here!"