Today I Give Up Trying 1788

 Luckily, Wang Youcai caught it with his eyes and hands, and Wang Youcai said in a pretentious manner.

        "You Rong, just meet it, if you can't see it then, you can just walk away."

        "Really don't be angry with your mother! In case she really can't think about it, then you'll really become an unfaithful and unfilial person."

        Seeing that Wang Yanli was going to kill herself, Xu You Rong was dumbfounded and could only nod pitifully.

        "I'll go, can't I go? Please don't make a scene!"

        She was really worried that her mother might not be able to think straight!

        And at this time Wang Yanli's attitude suddenly took a big turn, coldly grunting and breaking away from Wang Youcai.

        "That's more like it!"

        And then, Wang Yanli actually turned around directly and waved in a direction.

        Seeing this, Xu You Rong and the others were completely confused, and then they looked in one direction, and saw a Maybach parked at the roadside.

        A man wearing gold-rimmed glasses was smiling and waving in this direction, looking like a gentleman.

        It turned out that Wang Yanli had already arranged everything in advance.

        The man was in his early thirties, handsome, with a distinguished air, just like an Oba from a Korean drama, exuding a charm that drove women crazy from top to bottom.

        But the moment Lin Fan saw the man, he frowned.

        Murderous aura!

        This man's body had a murderous aura!

        Although it was extremely subtle, it still could not be concealed from Lin Fan's keen senses.

        The opponent's realm was at least that of a Zong Shi!

        The other party had appeared at this sensitive time, so naturally, Lin Fan couldn't help but be more concerned.

        "Quick, hurry up with the gongzi's car last week! Let's go have a meal!"

        Wang Yanli pulled Xu You Rong and headed for the car.

        Although Xu You Rong's heart was full of reluctance, she didn't dare to disobey Wang Yan Li at this time!

        She could only follow her honestly and head towards the other party's car.

        When they had left, Lin Fan said.

        "Your cousin can't go with that man!"

        And Bai Yi was looking at him with odd eyes.

        "What, you can't let go?"


        Lin Fan froze and looked at Bai Yi in disbelief.

        What kind of jealousy was this woman having?

        Bai Yi instantly sneered and said.

        "Don't think I don't know that you and your cousin have been getting closer and closer over this period of time, and that the number of times she visits me at home has inexplicably become older and older."

        Lin Fan looked at her with an innocent expression.

        "She's here to see you, what does that have to do with me?"

        Bai Yi's smile became even colder :

        "At first I thought so too, but then I slowly noticed that she was always involuntarily lost in thought when I talked to her, and often looked at you fixedly as if she was dazed."

        "The colour in her eyes, too, was odd!"

        "What, now you all don't carry people? Or do you guys think I'm dead?"

        Lin Fan had a hard time speaking and said with a tearful smile.

        "There's really nothing between her and me, and I'm not saying this out of jealousy, but because there's something really wrong with that man, he's a Patriarch!"


        Bai Yi also finally changed her pretty face and looked at Lin Fan in disbelief:

        "Are you sure?"

        She wasn't stupid and quickly realised that something wasn't quite right.

        This matter was most likely directed at them, right?

        Lin Fan laughed helplessly and said.

        "Wife, I'm a Grand Master, do you think I would feel wrong?"

        Bai Yi instantly panicked, and after a moment's hesitation still said to Lin Fan.

        "You should also follow over and take a look, you absolutely cannot let anything happen to my cousin."

        Lin Fan nodded, and then it was that he also started the car and went after her.

        It didn't take long for Wang Yanli and Xu Yourong to arrive at a hotel.

        And at this time, Xu You Rong also knew that the man's name was Li Yinsheng, who had been running a family-run industry and was making a fortune doing real estate overseas.

        Li Yinsheng's own worth alone was in the hundreds of billions.