Today I Give Up Trying 1787

 Xu You Rong then told the crowd all about what had happened at the bar last night.

        Bai Yi's family was in complete uproar, none of them had expected that Wang Zhijun would be so shameless.

        To even try to harm Bai Yi?

        "Nonsense, what kind of status is Young Wu, how could he do such a thing?"

        Wang Yanli, however, pointed at Xu You Rong's nose and hurled abuses, and even the words she said were extremely chilling.

        "Even if he really wanted to do something to you, what's wrong with that? A big shot like Young Wu, even if you were to be his mistress, you'd still benefit in this life."

        "You actually missed such a great opportunity to soar to greatness, how come I gave birth to such a brainless fool like you, can chastity be a meal?"

        In one sentence, Wang Yanli's snobbish character was revealed, in order to be able to get a golden son-in-law, she went so far as to make her daughter sell her body.

        Or even make her a mistress!

        The Bai Yi family, on the other hand, had known about Wang Yanli for a long time, so this was all seen as strange and could only laugh bitterly.

        They also knew that the reason why Xu You Rong had run off to study overseas on her own in the first place was precisely because of Wang Yan Li's mean-spiritedness and contempt.

        She always felt that her daughter was a money-loser whose only function was to marry a rich man and bring benefits to their family.

        This is also the reason why Xu You Rong is still single at the age of thirty, she wants to prove that women can also make a career and win over men.

        Hearing Wang Yanli's piercing words, Xu You Rong felt like her heart was about to break.

        "Mom, you'd rather believe the words of an outsider than your own daughter?"

        "Don't I know you yet? Pretending to be reserved all day long, you think you have a treasure there?"

        Hearing Wang Yanli's extremely insulting words, Xu You Rong was already completely heartbroken.

        "I don't care who is right and who is wrong, tonight I have an appointment with the chairman of a real estate company, only in his thirties, young and promising, you and I will go meet today."


        Xu You Rong's expression changed, knowing that her mother, again, wanted to ba herself as a tool to make money.

        At once she shook her head like crazy and said with a sobbing voice.

        "I won't go, I don't want to be a man's appendage, I have my own hands and feet, I can earn money myself!"


        However, Wang Yanli's reply was another hard slap on the face, storming out and saying.

        "You have hardened your wings, how dare you talk to me like that? How did I give birth to such a loser like you? You've disgraced our family!"

        Xu You Rong covered her face with bitterness in her heart, could it be that a woman who fought on her own was even a disgrace?

        "Cousin, forget it! The child has grown up and has her own ideas, so don't make it too difficult for her."

        Bai Shan really couldn't bear to watch and took the initiative to speak up and advise.

        But Wang Yanli was looking at Bai Shan with a contemptuous expression.

        "It's none of your business if I educate my daughter?"

        "You can't even teach your own daughter well, and you still want to meddle in our family's business? Bai Shan, you don't want our Xu You Rong to find a soft-earned loser like your daughter, do you?"

        Bai Shan's expression was embarrassed.

        And Lin Fan also laughed coldly, was this woman a mad dog?

        Biting whoever she catches?

        "Mom, you don't need to say anything! The person you're talking about, I'm definitely not going to meet! Either that or you can beat me to death!"

        Xu You Rong was also giving up, at this time she absolutely could not give in to weakness in front of Wang Yan Li.


        Wang Yanli was also furious, not expecting her daughter, who had always been a good and obedient girl, to dare to disobey her now.

        Seeing Xu You Rong's determined look, Wang Yan Li knew that it would not be possible to take a hard line.

        This dead girl had hardened her wings now and would rather die than give in.

        "Xu You Rong, if you don't go, I will die to show you!"

        Wang Yanli directly cried out and sat down on the ground and rolled around.

        "I raised you so much, fed you and put you through school, and this is how you report me? You heartless wolf, I don't want to live anymore!"

        "I'm going to die now, I'll save my mind by not seeing it!"

        With that, Wang Yanli literally rushed towards the road!