Today I Give Up Trying 1786

 "No, you must die!"

        Lin Fan shook his head straight away, without even the slightest consideration.

        Wu Zhizhong was simply going crazy and said with extreme fear.

        "Lin Fan, think about it again, my uncle is the titular military commander and the head of the Continental Hotel, if you dare to kill someone on his turf, he will never let you off."

        "Are you going to die together? I'm telling you, I'm not losing! Because your whole family will be buried with me!"

        "You don't even know how capable my uncle is!"

        "Is that so? How does that compare to Lin Zha?"

        Lin Fan asked rhetorically with a smile.


        Hearing this, Wu Zhizhong and the others had frozen, not knowing why Lin Fan had asked this question.

        However, Wu Zhizhong still answered the question honestly: "The four army seats each have their own division.

        "Each of the four military seats has their own duties, and they are all naturally of equal status."

        "Then he can't save you!"

        Lin Fan said in a cold voice.


        The crowd was shocked beyond belief, they had lost track of how many times Lin Fan had insulted He Lan Xuan today.

        This guy didn't just not have He Lan Xuan in his sights, he was practically trying to step on his head and shit on it!

        As far as they were concerned, the man in front of them deserved to die for daring to offend their beliefs.

        Lin Fan stepped forward, choking Wu Zhizhong by the throat with one hand and lifted him straight up.

        "No, I know I'm wrong!"

        Wu Zhizhong shook his head one by one, feeling the strength of Lin Fan's contracting palm, his crotch was already soaked through.

        And strands of blood continued to flow out from his seven holes.

        But on Lin Fan's face, there was no semblance of mercy:.

        "You shouldn't have come to mess with me at this time, because right now, I'm already red with murder!"


        Lin Fan broke his neck and threw it aside like rubbish!

        Today, Lin Fan was in a very unstable mood!

        Because too many things had happened during this period of time, too much hostility had been aroused in him, so offending him at this moment would be a complete death sentence.

        There was no mercy or compassion in this man's heart!

        Those who offend will be killed!

        Everyone watching this scene was both angry and terrified!

        If Lin Fan killed Wu Zhizhong here, the reputation of the Continental Hotel would be ruined!

        With the power of the entire Continental Hotel, they couldn't even save a single Wu Zhizhong, which was a disgrace to them.

        This was a disgrace to them, and even more disgraceful to the trust that He Lan Xuan had placed in them!

        Li Yu Tang gritted his teeth and looked at Lin Fan like he was crazy, wanting to cut this hateful man in front of him to death by a thousand cuts.

        "I won't let you go! I promise you, I will definitely not let you go!"

        He Lan Xuan would definitely kill this ungrateful beast by a thousand cuts!


        While facing He Lan Xuan's threat, Lin Fan still only sneered twice.

        And then directly led Xu You Rong to turn around and leave.

        But no one dared to stop them, and they couldn't!

        "Call the military seat and report on today's situation!"

        "I want this brat, to die a good death!!!"

        Liyu Tang roared angrily through gritted teeth, completely losing his mind at this time.


        And the news of Lin Fan's big disturbance at the Continental Hotel soon spread throughout the entire Imperial Capital.

        It left everyone completely stunned!

        The Lin family, in particular, was simply ecstatic after learning this news.

        "Dad, that Lin Fan, that ungrateful thing, it's not enough that he has offended Military Seat Xu, he even dared to offend He Lan Xuan! Hahahaha, this time he's dead!"

        Lin Zhanxie's face was fierce and his gaze was scarlet.

        Lin Hongtu was also overjoyed and laughed, saying.

        "Moreover, Xu Longguan is already on his way here, and I believe that He Lan Xuan is also arriving in the imperial capital in the near future!"

        "With the two great military thrones striking together, that scum will surely die!"