Today I Give Up Trying 1785

 In an instant, everyone at the Continental Hotel was in a cold sweat, looking in disbelief at the terrifying young man in front of them.

        It was as if they were dreaming at this time.

        At this moment, Li Yu Tang's face was also extremely ugly, he could tell from Lin Fan's strike that he could not deal with this young man in front of him.

        No wonder he dared to spill his guts in the Continental Hotel, Lin Fan indeed had such ability.

        "What did Wu Zhizhong do that you had to kill him?"

        Li Yu Tang asked with an ugly face, now he knew that he couldn't stop this man with the power of the Continental Hotel alone, he was a hundred times more terrifying than he had imagined.

        Patriarch Lin, was definitely an anomaly among the Great Patriarchs, I was only afraid that if He Lan Xuan didn't make a move, he wouldn't even be able to help him.

        At this time, one could only stall for time.

        Lin Fan laughed :

        "He wanted to sleep with my wife and cripple me, what do you think he did?"

        "Do you think he should die?"

        Liyu Tang's face went once again, Wu Zhizhong was still as unruly as ever, often hitting on other people's wives.

        But this time, he had provoked an existence that could not be offended.

        This was moving dirt on the head of a taiyoukai, completely seeking death!

        Sighing, Li Yu Tang's tone suddenly softened considerably :

        As long as you let Wu Zhizhong go, from now on you will be our friend at the Continental Hotel, and we owe you a great favour.


        Lin Fan was straight away amused:

        "Hard won't work, so now you're going soft? Unfortunately, I, Lin Fan, won't accept soft and hard, today Wu Zhizhong will definitely die, whoever dares to stop me will have to die!"


        Li Yu Tang's face changed instantly, and a thick anger surfaced in his eyes.

        He had already said this, but the other party still refused to give him face?

        At that moment, Li Yutang roared:

        "Then you will become the head enemy of my Continental Hotel, and your friends, your family, and everyone related to you will all die because of you!"


        But in the next instant, everyone saw that Lin Fan had already appeared in front of Li Yu Tang, his face glowing with a steaming murderous spirit.

        And then a fist lashed out in fury!

        Without any nonsense, he directly killed him!

        Seeing this, Li Yutang's pupils shrank fiercely as he realised that this kid in front of him was a complete madman!

        He was really going to fight the Continental Hotel to the end!

        Seeing Lin Fan's strong fist, Li Yutang realised that he had no choice but to go for it at this time, and immediately threw a furious punch.

        They clashed with each other fiercely!


        With a muffled sound, Li Yu Tang's whole body instantly flew out sideways and hit the ground heavily, his whole body completely limp and weak.

        His arm, on the other hand, was twisted at a tragic angle, surprisingly broken in a hard way.

        Defeating a Grand Master with one punch?

        How was this possible!

        Even if Lin Fan was strong, he wouldn't be able to exaggerate to such an extent, would he?

        Seeing that Li Yutang had already been blown away by Lin Fan with a single punch without even the slightest bit of resistance, Wu Zhizhong and the others had all been dumbfounded!

        It wasn't just them!

        Even Li Yutang was aghast and incredulous.

        Was he dreaming this?

        The terrifying strength today was something he had only seen in He Lan Xuan's body.

        Only an existence like He Lan Xuan would be able to defeat him so easily.

        This fellow, could he also be a Jedi?

        This could not be!

        There was no such young Jedi in the entire world, this was impossible!

        The moment he saw Li Yutang fall, Wu Zhizhong's scalp instantly tingled.

        This was because he knew that if even Li Yutang couldn't stop Lin Fan, then he would only have a death sentence.

        "Lin Fan, what do you want? I am He Lan Xuan's most valued descendant, if you kill me, my uncle will definitely not spare you."

        "Do you really want to cause misfortune to your entire family because of your own selfish desires?"

        "Why don't you and I sit down and have a good talk, and turn our differences into peace, okay?"