Today I Give Up Trying 1784

 Killing a relative of He Lan Xuan's in the Continental Hotel, has this guy lost his mind?

        Wasn't this a bad deal with the Continental Hotel?

        If they really let Lin Fan kill Wu Zhizhong, how would they be able to face others in the future?

        The Continental Hotel would become the laughing stock of the whole of China, and He Lan Xuan would be laughed at as well.

        Everyone looked at Lin Fan as if he was an idiot, this idiot probably didn't know what he was talking about at all.

        "I know, but that doesn't conflict with me killing him, in any way!"

        Lin Fan took a step and was about to walk forward.


        The Continental Hotel and the others completely exploded, their eyes flooded with a thick killing spirit.

        The other party was clearly not taking their Continental Hotel into account?

        Liyu Tang directly stepped forward and said in a cold voice.

        "Sorry, as long as Wu Zhizhong is still in the Continental Hotel, we will not allow you to kill him!"

        "Patriarch Lin, please return!"

        A domineering aura then surged out from Li Yu Tang's body.

        The two sides were already going toe-to-toe at this point.

        And at this moment, Lin Fan also had a sharp gaze, staring Li Yutang down with a deadly gaze:.

        "Today Wu Zhizhong must die, even if He Lan Xuan is here, I am still saying the same thing!"

        "Don't meddle, get lost!"

        Tough attitude!

        Extremely domineering!

        And Xu You Rong was about to become incontinent with fear after hearing Lin Fan's words.

        This damned madman!

        Did he even know what he was talking about?

        On the other hand, after hearing this, Li Yu Tang and the others were already completely shaken with rage!

        The other party was far more arrogant than they had imagined!

        Li Yu Tang's face was then completely gloomy as he coldly warned.

        "Your Excellency, is this an attempt to provoke the He Military Commander and make an enemy of our Continental Hotel at the same time?"

        No one had ever dared to disregard the Continental Hotel!


        Lin Fan laughed and shook his head, the corners of his mouth curling into a wicked smile.

        "I won't repeat the same words a second time!"

        "Get out of the way, or die!"


        Li Yu Tang's eyes also chilled as he angrily rebuked.

        "Stop him!"

        Since the other party didn't know any better, there was nothing more to be polite about.

        All the staff members all stepped forward and stared at Lin Fan intently.

        It was like they were looking at a dead man!

        Since Lin Fan didn't know any better, then naturally they didn't have to be polite either.

        Now they weren't just protecting Wu Zhizhong, they were defending the majesty of the Continental Hotel, so no matter what they couldn't let Wu Zhizhong die in Lin Fan's hands.

        Seeing the murderous crowd, Xu You Rong also panicked.

        Nervously, she grabbed Lin Fan's hand and said uneasily :

        "Lin Fan, you bloody bastard, I beg you to go quickly, okay?"

        "I'm about to pee in fear!"

        Xu You Rong was really scared, these people could really kill them if they messed up.

        "I told you to come?"

        Lin Fan said with a disgusted look on his face.

        Hearing this Xu You Rong wanted to slap Lin Fan, if I wasn't worried about you seeking your own death, I would have come to this damn place?


        Lin Fan stepped out with a wild aura :

        "I will kill Wu Zhizhong today, try to stop me if you have the guts!"

        Extremely domineering!

        After that, Li Yu Tang's side instantly struck, and countless figures pounced on Lin Fan, intending to cut him into pieces.


        Lin Fan, however, shook his head and sneered:

        "You don't know how to live!"

        The next instant he swept out like a whirlwind, his fists opening wide and roaring out at this time.

        "Lin Fan, don't!"

        Xu You Rong shouted nervously, but the scene that happened in the next instant was one that left her stunned.

        In just an instant, the dozen or so strong men had all fallen to the ground, all injured and groaning in pain.

        Everyone was completely stunned.

        Lin Fan was like a tiger entering a sheep pen, no one could resist him at all.

        A man, running wild in the middle of a continental hotel, and yet no one could stop him.

        This guy, what kind of monster was he?