Today I Give Up Trying 1783

 And upon arriving at the Continental Hotel, Wu Zhizhong began to scream in agony.

        "Help me! Somebody help me!"


        All the staff inside the Continental Hotel were stunned, and then they hurriedly walked towards Wu Zhizhong's side with quick steps.

        "Young Wu, what's wrong with you?"

        A group of people helped Wu Zhizhong up.

        "Someone is trying to kill me, that person called Patriarch Lin is trying to kill me, he is right behind me!"

        Wu Zhizhong's face was ashen, and his body was already wet with cold sweat.

        Both legs were shivering uncontrollably, it was the first time he felt that death was so close to him.

        That divine doctor, Lin, was even a Lin Zongzi!

        What was even more outrageous was that he knew his relationship with He Lan Xuan and still dared to kill him?

        This made Wu Zhizhong wonder if Lin Fan was not crazy!

        How else could he have done such a stupid thing!

        If he hadn't run fast, he would probably have really been shredded by that madman.

        Lin Zongzi?

        The expressions of the people in the audience changed, as if they were a little surprised.

        But they were only a little surprised, after all, this was the Continental Hotel, where the dragon was coiled and the tiger had to lie.

        After all, behind the Continental Hotel, there was He Lan Xuan in charge!

        Who in the whole of China would not give a third of their face?

        "Young Wu, don't worry, no one will be able to help you once you arrive at the Continental Hotel, we'll inform the Continental Hotel's military commander to come here now!"

        At those words!

        Wu Zhizhong even breathed a sigh of relief!

        But, just then!

        Outside that door, a voice full of murderous intent rang out.

        "Wu Zhizhong, come out and receive death!"

        Hearing this extremely arrogant voice, everyone at the Continental Hotel was completely frozen.

        It seemed that they hadn't expected that Patriarch Lin to actually dare to come!

        Had this eaten the guts of an ambitious leopard?

        Knowing that this was the Continental Hotel, yet he still dared to be so arrogant, that Lin Zong Shi really deserved to die!

        In China, no one had ever dared to come to their Continental Hotel to cause trouble!

        "What a mighty show! I'd like to see who that Divine Doctor Lin is when he arrives!"

        A middle-aged man dressed in a tuxedo, with an eight-string beard, and dressed like a British butler walked out.

        The moment he saw him, Wu Zhizhong instantly looked as if he had grabbed a life-saving straw.

        "Uncle Li Yu Tang, you must save me!"

        This middle-aged man in front of him was one of the three great war lords under his uncle's command!

        He was also the manager of this continental hotel branch!

        With a confident smile, Li Yu Tang said.

        "Just don't worry about it, with me here, that whatever divine doctor Lin can definitely not help you."

        And just then!

        Lin Fan was the one who walked in with big strides.

        They were followed by Xu You Rong, the oil dragger, and their appearance stunned Li Yu Tang and the others.

        They expected Lin Fan to bring more people, but there were only two of them?

        This was too much for the Continental Hotel, wasn't it?

        At that moment, a sneer of contempt spread across the faces of Li Yutang and the others. If he wanted to spill his guts in their Continental Hotel, Lin Fan would have to bring at least an army.

        Otherwise, that would be asking for death!

        "Hahahaha, Lin Fan! I've arrived at the Continental Hotel, if you have the guts to kill me here!"

        Wu Zhizhong laughed wildly, he was in the Continental Hotel and had Li Yu Tang to back him up.

        He didn't believe that Lin Fan would still dare to touch him at this time.

        Lin Fan's gaze swept a fist through the crowd, but he found that all those present were surprisingly all experts without exception.


        Top Zong Shi!

        There was also Li Yu Tang, a Grand Master!

        It was true that the continent's hotels were crouching tigers and hidden dragons, it was rumoured that generals had to dismount when they came, and prime ministers had to fall into sedan chairs when they came.


        If these people alone wanted to scare off Lin Fan, then the Continental Hotel would be too naive.

        "I have no intention of crossing paths with the Continental Hotel, I just want to kill him!"

        Lin Fan spoke indifferently, making his stance clear.

        Also, to give the Continental Hotel a chance to make a choice!


        When they heard Lin Fan's careless words, Li Yutang and the others all laughed coldly.

        And Li Yutang sneered and said.

        "Don't you know the relationship between Wu Zhizhong and Continental Hotel, and don't you know that he is a descendant of He Lan Xuan?"