Today I Give Up Trying 1781

 But he had only just made a move when a group of clan masters quickly surrounded him.

        "If you want to kill my young master, step over our corpses first!"

        "Stopping us, just by you guys?"

        Lin Fan's eyes were filled with a cold aura before he fiercely struck out, his fists coming out in unison like a vicious tiger pouncing on him, emitting a terrifying whine.

        In an instant, the few sect masters in front of him were all blown away!

        They hit the ground heavily and vomited blood on the spot.

        Their faces were instantly filled with despair!

        No way!

        The difference was too great!

        The difference was simply not of the same level.

        They were like ants in front of their opponents, was this the power of a Grand Master?


        They did not know that the man in front of them was even more powerful than the Grand Master.

        He was one of the Four Great Masters of China!

        The absolute top!

        These two words were enough to say everything, and those who deserved such a title were all existences that belonged to the ceiling level of combat power.

        There was no realm that existed at a higher level than them.

        "Patriarch Lin, I admit that you are strong, but you must know that he is one of He Lan Xuan's most highly regarded juniors!"

        "If you dare to make things difficult for him, He Lan Xuan will definitely not let you off the hook. You are a Grand Master, but can you stand up to the pursuit of a supreme expert?"

        At this time, they knew that they could only convince Lin Fan to give up on killing Wu Zhizhong, as they would not be able to stop this monster at all.

        However, Lin Fan scoffed.

        "Jedi? As if anyone isn't!"

        "I know you guys want to help Wu Zhizhong stall for time, but it's useless, no matter how far he escapes to the ends of the earth, I'll still be able to kill him!"

        And then, Lin Fan was stepping out with giant strides, chasing out towards Wu Zhizhong's outside.

        Seeing this, these He Lan Xuan's personal guards instantly looked bitter, they knew that if Wu Zhizhong kept on being so domineering.

        Sooner or later, something would go wrong.

        Now they had indeed kicked the iron plate, but they had not expected that Wu Zhizhong's first kick would lead to such a murderous disaster.

        Now unless Wu Zhizhong fled back to the Continental Hotel, there was only one way to die.

        And when he reached the door, Lin Fan ordered Zhang Jianjun.

        "Take Xu You Rong back, I'll take care of Wu Zhizhong next!"

        He knew that Wu Zhizhong couldn't be kept anymore, the beam had already been formed, and if he didn't get rid of Wu Zhizhong, sooner or later he would trip him up.

        In that case, he would be too passive.

        "Miss Xu, please!"

        Zhang Jianjun knew that Lin Fan wanted to kill someone, and then he made a gesture of invitation to Xu You Rong, intending to take Xu You Rong away.

        But Xu You Rong did not move, instead her eyes looked at Lin Fan with determination.

        "I'm not leaving, you take me with you!"

        She wanted to see what other excessive identities this guy had apart from being a Lin Divine Doctor and a Lin Patriarch.

        She also wanted to know just how extraordinary the man she, Xu You Rong, had taken a fancy to was!

        Just the domineering aura that Lin Fan had just displayed had already dazzled Xu You Rong a little.


        Zhang Jianjun gave Lin Fan a hesitant look.

        And Lin Fan also frowned tightly before he said in an indifferent tone.

        "Whatever you want!"

        Immediately after that, he stopped paying attention to Xu You Rong and walked out.

        Boom boom boom!

        Just then!

        A military helicopter slowly descended from the sky and stopped right in front of Lin Fan.

        The moment he saw this helicopter, Xu You Rong's eyes were about to glare out.

        In his heart, he could not help but burst out a foul mouth.

        "This is a fucking joke, right?"

        A military helicopter!

        It was something that could be used whenever you wanted, right?

        This damned guy had a military background?

        Xu You Rong wanted to ask Lin Fan, "Why are you so pretentious?

        Before, I really didn't see it at all!

        "Hurry up, I'm in a hurry!"

        Lin Fan said coldly to Xu You Rong, waking up the stunned Xu You Rong.

        Xu You Rong then came back to her senses and hurriedly followed him onto the plane.