Today I Give Up Trying 1780

 "Give shame, maim them!"

        Wu Zhizhong then completely lost his patience, while regretting a few steps himself for fear of not splashing blood all over.

        Several bodyguards walked towards Lin Fan, surprisingly, they were all Zongshi.

        "What do we do?"

        Divine Doctor Lin immediately looked at Lin Fan nervously, at this time she was already in disarray.

        As powerful as Lin Fan was, it was still in the medical arts, if it was in terms of force. I'm afraid it wouldn't work.

        "What are you panicking about, don't you still have me here? A few rotten fish and shrimps, how dare they scare me?"

        Lin Fan said contemptuously.

        Stinking fish and shrimps?

        Those few sect masters' faces instantly sank, and they burst into flames.

        This brat, he really deserved to die!

        No one had ever dared to humiliate them like this in front of them, to call them stinky fish and rotten prawns.

        Immediately, a Patriarch stretched out his hand and pressed his hand on Lin Fan's shoulder.

        "Kid, come here for me!"


        Only as soon as he reached out his hand, a click was heard.


        Immediately after that, that Patriarch was instantly screaming in misery as his arm was instantly snapped off.


        Wu Zhizhong and the others were directly dumbfounded.

        This was a fucking clan master, he had touched this kid and his arm had been broken.

        Instead, Lin Fan contemptuously patted his shoulder.

        "Sorry, I dislike it when people touch my shoulder!"

        An instant!

        The whole room was petrified!

        All of them didn't dare to breathe a single breath, even the few sect masters had the look of having seen a ghost, they had never seen such a terrifying guy before.

        They hadn't even seen how Lin Fan had struck, before the other party had finished off a man.

        What kind of monster was this guy!

        "Wu Zhizhong, you stupid bastard, I forgot to tell you that apart from being Divine Doctor Lin, Mr. Lin's identity is also the famous Patriarch Lin!"

        Zhang Jianjun sneered.


        One word stirred up a thousand waves, everyone's scalp tingled at this instant and they were completely shocked!

        Lin Fan, or Divine Doctor Lin?

        Oh my God!

        This guy, was actually the now famous and unstoppable Patriarch Lin of China?

        It was even said that he had killed a great master like a chicken or a dog with no effort at all.

        Now that he had seen him, his reputation was indeed true.

        The ruthless smile on Wu Zhizhong's face froze in this instant!

        He didn't take Divine Doctor Lin seriously, but he had to be afraid of Grandmaster Lin.

        On his side, there was no Grand Master, how could he resist this monster in front of him?

        Even Xu You Rong on the side couldn't help but look at Lin Fan with a dull expression, now even wondering if he was dreaming.

        Lin Fan's identity, apart from being the Divine Doctor Lin, was also the Grand Master Lin?

        This man, just how outstanding was he?

        But if he was so excellent, why did he have to pretend to be a trash that was despised by people?

        She really couldn't figure out what this was all about!

        Was it fun to pretend to be a pig and eat a tiger?

        Or was this guy out of his mind?

        And at that moment, an old man yelled out.

        "Quickly take the young master away, we'll stop them here!"

        They were all He Lan Xuan's personal guards and had been ordered to protect Wu Zhizhong, if anything happened to him.

        Then not only would they die, but their families would also be implicated.

        So no matter what, they had to stop Lin Fan.

        With Lin Fan's strength he would have to deal with Lin Fan no matter what.

        Even more so, if he didn't leave, his own life might be in danger.

        Damn it!

        Wu Zhizhong gritted his teeth, and then he was looking at Lin Fan fiercely.

        "I won't let you go!"

        After saying that, he hurriedly followed a group of his subordinates and quickly left the box.

        "Can you leave?"

        Lin Fan coldly snorted, before striding forward.