Today I Give Up Trying 1779

 Even, he was planning to play with other people's wives?

        Under such circumstances, if Lin Fan was still willing to cooperate with him, then he would be in over his head, right?

        At that moment, he was furious!

        With a single kick, he kicked Wang Zhijun to the ground and shouted in a hostile manner.

        "How dare you shake me, you dog? You knew that he was Divine Doctor Lin, but you didn't tell me, so you deliberately let me offend him, right?"

        "I... I didn't know either, young lord, believe me! I didn't do it on purpose!"

        Wang Zhijun cried out and shook his head, he didn't know that Lin Fan was Divine Doctor Lin either.

        "Get lost!"

        Wu Zhizhong indignantly kicked Wang Zhijun away, before coming to Lin Fan with a smile on his face.

        "Divine Doctor Lin, I'm sorry I didn't know your identity, so this is why I offended you, please bear with me!"

        "I'll punish myself with a drink, I hope you won't be angry, Divine Doctor Lin!"

        With that, Wu Zhizhong directly drank a glass of red wine in one go, and then he was waiting for Lin Fan to speak with a smile on his face.


        He was showing kindness, but Lin Fan did not appreciate it in the slightest.

        He directly assisted Xu You Rong and said in a low voice.

        "Let's go!"

        Not even giving Wu Zhizhong a proper glance.

        A touch of hostility surfaced between Wu Zhizhong's eyebrows, no one had ever dared to disrespect him so much in the imperial capital.

        Was Dr. Lin so great?

        Don't you know that his uncle is He Lan Xuan?

        What a bastard! What a disgrace!

        Wu Zhizhong then stopped in front of Lin Fan and said in a slightly gloomy voice.

        "Divine Doctor Lin is not going to give me face, is he?"


        Lin Fan laughed and asked in return.

        "Who are you to make me give face?"

        To put it bluntly, Wu Zhizhong was just a local snake, what qualifications did he have to give him face?

        The fact that Lin Fan was able to hold back his anger and not kill Wu Zhizhong was already giving Zhang Jianjun a lot of face.

        Zhang Jianjun was also well aware of this, and then angrily rebuked Wu Zhizhong, saying.

        "Wu Zhizhong, what do you want, why don't you get out of the way!"

        But Wu Zhizhong wouldn't let him!

        Because Lin Fan's words had completely offended him!

        How dare he say that he was nothing?

        No one had ever dared to speak to him like that, not even Divine Doctor Lin!

        "Uncle Zhang, as you can see, I've already admitted my mistake, but Divine Doctor Lin still refuses to forgive me, and even made me look bad in front of so many people, what do you think I should do?"

        Wu Zhizhong looked gloomy and his eyes looked at Lin Fan with a threatening look.

        He looked like he wanted to break his body into pieces.

        But Lin Fan continued to sneer and said.

        "I must forgive you if you admit your mistake, you are taking yourself too seriously, aren't you?"


        The hostility in Wu Zhizhong's eyes became even heavier, and then he laughed like a poisonous snake.

        "Fine, fine, since you don't give me this face, then you won't be able to leave today!"


        A group of Wu Zhizhong's bodyguards instantly stopped at the entrance, completely stopping Lin Fan and the others.

        "Wu Zhizhong, are you out of your mind?"

        Zhang Jianjun was furious, he had done Wu Zhizhong a favour with good intentions, not to mention that Wu Zhizhong had offended Lin Fan, how dare he stop Lin Fan from leaving?

        This person in front of you, can you stop him just because you want to?

        Your uncle He Lan Xuan doesn't even have the ability to do that!

        "Wu Zhizhong, get out of the way! This divine Doctor Lin before you is not someone you can offend!"

        But Wu Zhizhong snorted, disdainfully saying.

        "Is that so? Then I really have to try and see who else in this imperial capital is beyond my reach."

        Because he had He Lan Xuan as his backer, over the years Wu Zhizhong had become more and more arrogant and did not put anyone in his eyes.

        In his view, Doctor Lin was just a doctor with no hands, and since he refused to cooperate properly, he would force him to do so!

        And then!

        Wu Zhizhong then looked at Lin Fan grimly.

        "I'll give you one last chance, either cooperate with me properly, or I'll cripple you and then play with your wife and sister-in-law!"

        He was giving Lin Fan one last chance, depending on whether Lin Fan knew how to cherish it or not.

        Instead, at this time, Lin Fan held out three fingers.

        "Three times!"


        Wu Zhizhong frowned, not knowing what Lin Fan meant by this.

        "From the time you came in until now, you've used my wife and insulted me three times!"

        "If it wasn't for Zhang Jianjun, you would have been a dead man already!"

        "But just now, I'm sorry to tell you that you've missed your last chance to live!"