Today I Give Up Trying 1777

 "You're fucking kidding me?"

        Wu Zhizhong instantly flamed out and angrily rebuked.

        "Since you don't know Divine Doctor Lin, how do you know that Divine Doctor Lin won't work with me?"

        He had thought that Lin Fan really knew Divine Doctor Lin, but it turned out that he was just pretending.

        Wu Zhizhong had also completely lost his patience and roared.

        "Cripple him now! Before Divine Doctor Lin gets here, remember not to be afraid of making the scene too bloody and affecting my meeting with Divine Doctor Lin later!"

        And seeing this!

        Wang Zhijun instantly laughed in contempt.

        "Lin Fan, how dare you look down on me, you punk? How about now, I'm alive while you're getting crippled, you're the real brainless fool! Hahahaha!"

        Wang Zhijun laughed out loud in triumph, if you're no good, you're no good, as long as you can live.

        "How about this, if you know how to lift yourself up, then persuade your wife to spend a good night with the little king tonight, maybe the little king will let you go once he is in a good mood?"

        And at those words!

        Wu Zhizhong also said playfully.

        "Yes, yes, as long as you can convince your old skin to serve me well, I'll consider not breaking your legs, how about that?"

        "You're really generous, yet I've already decided to break you in pieces!"

        Lin Fan said in a stern voice, the other party's repeated insults to his wife in front of him had made him completely furious.

        Equally enraged was Wu Zhizhong!

        Originally he had thought that Lin Fan would accept his request, but he hadn't expected Lin Fan to give his face away!

        "First break his legs, then drag him down! Torture him slowly until he dies!"

        Wu Zhizhong roared sternly, in the entire Imperial Capital, Lin Fan was the first person who dared to speak to him like that.


        As soon as Wu Zhizhong's words left his mouth, an extremely furious voice came from the doorway.

        "Wu Zhizhong, what do you want?"

        And the person who spoke was none other than Zhang Jianjun.

        When he saw Zhang Jianjun, Wu Zhizhong immediately panicked, this was Divine Doctor Lin coming?

        This was not a good thing.

        Wu Zhizhong hurriedly made amends and said:

        "Uncle Zhang, you're here?"

        "I'm asking you, what the hell are you up to?"

        Zhang Jianjun said furiously, he promised Wu Zhizhong to get him Lin Fan, but it turned out that Wu Zhizhong was going to lay hands on Lin Fan as soon as they met, was this guy fucking crazy?

        Damn it!

        How could he explain to Mr. Lin like this?

        It's nothing, just cleaning up a punk who doesn't know what he's doing, don't worry, I'll settle him right away, it definitely won't affect Divine Doctor Lin.

        Wu Zhizhong said with a smile, and then hurriedly ordered :

        "Do it quickly. Cripple this dog and throw him to the back."


        Zhang Jianjun was going mad, crippling Lin Fan, such a heartless thing to say.

        However, Wu Zhizhong thought that Zhang Jianjun was reprimanding Lin Fan, and at that moment, he also sneered and said :

        "Lin, did you hear that, even Uncle Zhang called you a bastard, and you're still not dead?"


        Zhang Jianjun, however, shouted angrily and furiously.

        "The bastard I'm talking about is you!"


        Wu Zhizhong looked at Zhang Jianjun in disbelief, wondering if he had heard him wrong.

        Why did Zhang Jianjun scold himself for no good reason?

        But without waiting for him to ask, Zhang Jianjun pushed him away and then came to Lin Fan and asked respectfully.

        "Mr. Lin, are you alright?"


        The crowd was in an uproar, looking at Zhang Jianjun in disbelief, as if they couldn't understand why Zhang Jianjun was so respectful to a soft-earner.

        Even Xu You Rong was confused, what kind of person was Lin Fan, and what qualifications did he have to make such a superb man like Zhang Jianjun treat him with respect?

        Was this a blinding sight to himself?

        To everyone, this scene was like a nightmare from heaven!

        Their three views had completely collapsed!

        Even Wu Zhizhong had a bad feeling in his heart at this moment, and immediately hissed in anger.

        "Uncle Zhang, have you made a mistake, this trash is just a son-in-law, why are you treating him with such respect?"

        "A door-to-door son-in-law?"

        Zhang Jianjun snorted coldly at once and rebuked.

        "Do you know how long I had to beg him before he agreed to see you!"

        "How good are you, you want to cripple him as soon as you meet him? Wu Zhizhong, you're really blind!"