Today I Give Up Trying 1776

 Even if he had watched Xu You Rong being humiliated without doing anything, he had even called his wife to come here to be humiliated?

        Today, if he hadn't come here in advance, then no one could have predicted what would have happened to Bai Yi!

        Right then and there, Lin Fan already had a killing heart for Wang Zhijun!

        And Wu Zhizhong also laughed sorrowfully.

        "Soft-hearted King, listen carefully, in a moment I will play with your wife properly in front of you!"

        "And a loser like you won't be able to do anything!"

        Wu Zhizhong was confident that he was eating Lin Fan up.

        In the imperial capital, he was the sky!

        A little white boy who ate soft rice and dared to act like a fool in front of him, then he would simply be screwed to death!

        As soon as she heard this, Xu You Rong's face turned white and her delicate body kept trembling.

        Following this, she shoved Lin Fan.

        "You... Go away! Get out of here, you! Just go outside and help me call the police while his people are still here!"

        But Lin Fan didn't move, instead he gave Wu Zhizhong a cold look:.

        "Oh, if you can do that, you can try!"

        He, Lin Fan, had never been afraid of anyone!

        And then, Lin Fan helped Xu You Rong up and asked in a soft voice.

        "Can you walk now?"

        Xu You Rong sighed, with an expression of self-blame on her face.

        "I'm sorry, it's all me! It's all because I caused you!"

        If Lin Fan hadn't tried to save her, he wouldn't have offended Wu Zhizhong, and even more so, he wouldn't have ended up in this situation today.

        Today, Xu You Rong finally had a change of heart towards Lin Fan.

        Although this guy was a bit incompetent, at least he still looked like a man and could stand up for a woman at a critical moment.

        Unlike Wang Zhijun, who was a complete waste.

        "Men! Cripple this punk for me! Trying to be a hero to save the beauty, right? I'll make you a dog bear!"

        Wu Zhizhong said viciously, and then a group of bodyguards rushed up towards Lin Fan with ill intentions

        "Wu Zhizhong, I'm warning you not to act recklessly, you also said that Divine Doctor Lin will be here soon, if you dare to do anything to me, do you think Divine Doctor Lin will cooperate with you?"

        Xu You Rong chided in anger, but was stern and uneasy at this time, holding onto Lin Fan's arm.

        At this time, she was still able to come up with a brilliant plan to drive away the tiger and swallow the wolf, which made Lin Fan have a slightly changed view of this woman.

        At this time, however, Wu Zhizhong snorted.

        "You're scaring the hell out of me, do you think Dr. Lin would fall out with me over a small employee like you? You're overestimating yourself, aren't you?"

        "Hahahaha, I'll invite Doctor Lin to play with you later, so he won't be angry, right?"


        Xu You Rong was infuriated by Wu Zhizhong's shamelessness, but she was also a little apprehensive in her heart.

        Wu Zhizhong was right, given his status, Divine Doctor Lin would not necessarily offend a big shot like Wu Zhizhong for the sake of an ordinary supervisor like himself.

        But at that very moment, an unsuitable voice rang out.

        "Divine Doctor Lin, won't work with you! I give you my word!"

        It was this punk again?

        Wu Zhizhong instantly looked at Lin Fan in anger, what qualifications did this soft-spoken person have to speak for Divine Doctor Lin?

        Was he the Divine Doctor Lin?

        Even Xu You Rong looked at Lin Fan with a dismayed expression, wondering why this guy was so confident.

        Could it be that Lin Fan knew something?

        However, Lin Fan ignored the consternation of the crowd as a cold smile spread across the corners of his mouth!

        How dare Wu Zhizhong say that he wanted to sleep with his wife without even knowing who he was?

        What's more, he even dared to threaten him?

        "Dog, who are you scaring? Don't tell me that you, a punk, would know an existence like Divine Doctor Lin!"

        Wu Zhizhong also looked at Lin Fan with some suspicion, intimidated by Lin Fan's confidence.

        This guy, he couldn't really know Divine Doctor Lin, could he?

        If that were the case, his fun would have to be forced to end today, after all, he was more keen on making money compared to playing with women.

        Instead, Lin Fan smiled.

        "I don't know Divine Doctor Lin!"

        At the same time, he added in his mind: "Because I am the Divine Doctor Lin!