Today I Give Up Trying 1775

 In this imperial capital. There had never been anyone who dared to badger him, Wu Zhizhong, and he didn't take Lin Fan seriously at all.

        Lin Fan sneered, before his feet stepped out, as fit as a fiddle, and then he kicked Wu Zhizhong out with a single kick.

        Everyone was scared silly, with an expression of having seen a ghost.

        Where did this kid come from, how dare he hit Wu Zhizhong, is he fucking crazy?

        "Lin Fan, have you gone mad?"

        The young prince had received a beating, if this were to get out, it would be enough to stir up the entire imperial capital.

        Lin Fan had done something that the entire imperial capital's powerful nobles wouldn't dare to do.

        Xu You Rong couldn't help but roar at Lin Fan as well, already dumbfounded by Lin Fan, this guy was too arrogant, right?

        He dared to hit Wu Zhizhong?

        This was stabbing the sky!

        Lin Fan instantly gave an unhappy tsk :

        "You're the one who asked me to save you, so quick to turn the other cheek?"

        "I ......"

        Xu You Rong then became somewhat ashamed and explained :

        "I meant for you to call the police, not for you to beat him up, now hurry up and go. Or else you'll be dead."

        Lin Fan was an ordinary person, he was no match for Wu Zhizhong, and after he had beaten him up here, Wu Zhizhong would definitely not let him go.

        Wu Zhizhong would definitely cut Lin Fan into pieces.

        This fool, he wasn't smart at all, this was good, they were both going to be finished.

        Xu You Rong didn't expect this punk Lin Fan at all, the only thing she wanted was just to hope that Lin Fan could help call the police.

        But this guy didn't even understand what she meant.

        "Go, can you guys leave?"

        Wu Zhizhong wiped his nosebleed and stared at Lin Fan with a ruthless gaze.

        This damn dog, how dare he hit him? This was the first time he, Wu Zhizhong, had been offended by someone like this in the Imperial Capital.

        This brat must die here today!

        Wu Zhizhong gritted his teeth and said.

        "Doggy, how dare you hit me, do you know who I am?"

        Lin Fan laughed coldly and said.

        "Yes, just a fool who thinks he is!"


        Wang Zhijun's eyebrows instantly coalesced with a touch of murderous energy as he stared at Lin Fan with a deadly stare.

        "Dog, I'm Wu Zhizhong, known to the outside world as Little King, you've offended me, I'll make you suffer no good consequences!"


        Lin Fan was startled and looked at Wu Zhizhong with some surprise, so this smug fellow in front of him was the one Zhang Jianjun was going to introduce to himself?

        "Little prince, this trash is Bai Yi's husband, a soft-earned trash!"

        Wang Zhijun hastily jumped out and said in a browbeaten and curt manner.


        Wu Zhizhong instantly gave Lin Fan an interested glance.

        He had also heard that Bai Yi had married a loser, but he didn't expect it to be this kid in front of him.

        Bai Yi was quite pretty, her abilities were good, and her temperament was excellent, so she was considered a perfect woman.

        The only thing wrong with her was that she had found such a loser.

        At that moment, the contempt in Wu Zhizhong's eyes intensified.

        "A soft-earned punk who dares to hit me, if this were to get out, would I, Wu Zhizhong, still need to hang around in your circle in the future?"

        The implication was that he was going to clean up Lin Fan.

        And Lin Fan also looked at Wang Zhijun with some surprise:.

        "You're just going to watch your cousin, being insulted like this?"


        As soon as he heard this, Wang Zhijun became irritated and shouted violently.

        "What are you, who are you to say that about me!"

        "Isn't it just sleeping with you? Aren't women born for men to play with? I'm telling you, I've even called your wife to come over and let her accompany the little king later, what can you do to me?"

        Wang Zhijun simply gave up, he was afraid of Wu Zhizhong, was he still afraid of Lin Fan, a punk?

        He dared to question him, what was Lin Fan?

        And Lin Fan just shook his head, his disgust for Wang Zhijun intensified.

        Such a scum was a scourge to live!

        Simply deserving of death!