Today I Give Up Trying 1774


        Xu You Rong, however, shook her head one after the other.

        "No! I don't want to, you scum! I won't obey you even if I die?"


        Wu Zhizhong's eyes were cold, and his eyes instantly glowed with fierceness as he slapped Xu Yourong's face, swelling her pretty face instantly.

        Xu You Rong could only feel her eyes go gold as she knocked her head on the coffee table, instantly breaking her head and bleeding.

        "You shameless bitch, you've been blessed in your past life if I, Wu Zhizhong, have taken a fancy to you, how dare you refuse? I think you don't even know how to write the word "death"!"

        Wu Zhizhong said viciously, he disliked being rejected, and no one had ever dared to reject him.

        "You don't want to be my woman, do you? Then after I've played with you, I'll give you to my men to round you up one by one!"


        Xu You Rong's pretty face turned white as she pleaded to Wang Zhijun.

        "Cousin save me, save me!"

        But Wang Zhijun was so frightened that he turned his head away, not even looking at Xu Yourong, pretending not to hear.

        Xu You Rong was completely desperate and cried out.

        "Wang Zhijun, I trust you so much, how can you do this to me?"


        Wu Zhizhong laughed loudly with a look of contempt and said.

        "You give up, this punk he is already unable to protect himself, how can he possibly save you?"

        "Wang Zhijun he owes me ten million dollars, he just called his cousin Bai Yi, he plans to get his cousin to pay for it in flesh."


        Xu You Rong looked at Wang Zhijun in disbelief, and then roared with extreme sadness and anger, saying.

        "Wang Zhijun, you beast, how could you do this, we are your cousins!"

        Being verbally abused in this way, Wang Zhijun's face suddenly turned cold.

        "Isn't it just a matter of sleeping with the young lord? It's not like it's a big deal!"

        "That's the Little Prince, sleeping with him isn't considered degrading, how many women in this empire are crying out to climb into the Little Prince's bed, but they haven't qualified for the chance yet!"

        Xu You Rong was completely enraged by Wang Zhijun's shamelessness, she had never thought that Wang Zhijun was such a heartless person.

        At this time she was completely desperate!

        And at this moment!

        Lin Fan and Zhang Jianjun, at the same time, appeared at the entrance of the hotel.

        "Is this the place?"

        Lin Fan asked as he looked at the hotel in front of him.

        Zhang Jianjun nodded.

        "Yes Mr. Lin, thank you for giving me three points to attend Wu Zhizhong's invitation!"

        Wu Zhizhong had found him before, and Zhang Jianjun had to request Lin Fan to come and meet with Wu Zhizhong because he couldn't excuses himself.

        Although Wu Zhizhong was making a good living in the imperial capital, Zhang Jianjun knew very well that having Lin Fan come to meet him was definitely Wu Zhizhong's ancestors burning incense.

        After all, Lin Fan was Wu Zhizhong's uncle's equal.

        "I'll only give him half an hour, I'm very busy!"

        Lin Fan said indifferently, not having any extra time to waste on some idle people.

        "Yes, yes, yes."

        Zhang Jianjun nodded his head repeatedly.

        Zhang Jianjun gave Lin Fan a box number and drove himself to park.

        And after arriving at that box, Lin Fan heard a familiar voice, surprisingly it was Xu You Rong.

        And it was accompanied by an unintentionally lecherous laugh.

        And then he directly pushed the door and walked in.

        At the same time!

        Inside the box, Wu Zhizhong was already making a move on Xu You Rong.

        Xu You Rong pushed Wu Zhizhong hysterically and cried out:

        "Get lost! You animal, get out of my way!"

        "Xu You Rong don't struggle, the more you struggle the more excited I get."

        Wu Zhizhong laughed loudly, and there was lust in his eyes.

        "So lively, am I missing something?"

        An abrupt laugh came.

        Everyone looked towards the door in confusion, and saw a figure appear at the door.

        "Lin Fan, save me!"

        Xu You Rong immediately shouted with a sobbing voice, as if he had seen a straw to save his life.

        Wu Zhizhong's brow furrowed as he roared in anger :

        "Where did that dog come from, get lost!"