Today I Give Up Trying 1773

 But Xu You Rong still hesitated, how could she not know what kind of virtue Wang Zhijun was.

        That was a gnawing old man, a living waste, even more useless than that little white boy Lin Fan.

        What qualifications did this kind of trash have to be Wu Zhizhong's friend?

        So Xu You Rong knew very well that things weren't that simple.

        "Since Miss Xu doesn't even give this little face, then please go back."

        Wu Zhizhong said very nonchalantly, flipping his face faster than a book.

        Wang Zhijun suddenly panicked, afraid that Wu Zhizhong would be unhappy and thus take it out on himself, so he had to speak up and say.

        "You can have a drink, I'll take you home if you're drunk, don't you worry about having your cousin here?"

        Xu You Rong sighed, knowing that if she didn't drink this glass of wine today, there was no way she could negotiate with Wu Zhizhong.

        And then, she was picking up the wine cup and toasted to Wu Zhizhong:.

        "Then, Little Prince, I will toast you!"

        "Good, good, that's more like it!"

        Wu Zhizhong smiled and raised his glass, but a strange look appeared in his eyes.

        And it was only after Xu You Rong had downed a glass of wine that he forced a smile and said.

        "Little prince, can we start signing the contract?"

        "Miss Xu is really eager, not too busy, I have always heard that Miss Xu has always admired Divine Doctor Lin, so how about we wait for Divine Doctor Lin to arrive and then sign the contract together?"

        Wu Zhizhong said with a smirk, his eyes were already glowing with the flames of desire.


        Wu Zhizhong's words were like five thunderstorms, causing Xu You Rong to be stunned on the spot.

        The divine Doctor Lin was coming?

        Would he finally be able to meet his idol?

        "Is it true what you said?"

        Xu You Rong hurriedly sat down beside Wu Zhizhong in excitement, not even caring about anything at this time because of his over excitement.


        Wu Zhizhong couldn't help but freeze, this woman had just been avoiding herself like a snake and scorpion, but now she was so cordial?

        It seems that she is not really obsessed with the divine doctor Lin.

        However, Wu Zhizhong did invite Lin Fan.

        After all, the new vaccine is now a piece of fat meat and everyone wants a piece of it.

        So Wu Zhizhong deliberately asked Zhang Jianjun to invite that mysterious Lin Shen doctor for him, intending to have a meeting with him here today.

        "Of course it's true, you'll be able to meet him in a moment."

        Wu Zhizhong laughed heatedly and said.

        "Before that, let's have a few more drinks, I've heard that Divine Doctor Lin is also a good drinker, if you don't drink, he's afraid that he won't like it."

        Upon hearing this, Xu You Rong was also stunned for a moment, before he hurriedly raised his glass again.

        "Then I will drink another toast to the young prince."

        At this time, she didn't care about anything, as long as she could see Divine Doctor Lin.

        Seeing this!

        The playfulness in Wu Zhizhong's eyes intensified, staring at Xu You Rong with lustful eyes, the divine Doctor Lin would only arrive for a while.

        Until then, Xu You Rong had already become his crotch plaything!

        After meeting Dr. Lin, he would have a good time with the two sisters tonight.

        After three rounds of wine, Xu You Rong also realised that something was wrong, she couldn't even sit still anymore, her body was shaking as if she might fall at any moment.

        "I, why do I feel so light-headed!"

        She knew how much she could drink, there was no way she could get drunk in just a few glasses of wine.

        In this wine, it couldn't have been slipped something, could it?

        And Wu Zhizhong finally tore his face off and laughed like a jackal and a tiger: "That's because I'm in your drink.

        "Then it's because I put ecstasy in your wine?"


        Xu You Rong was so pale that she bounced up from the sofa, but she fell to the floor with an unsteadiness.

        All over her body, she felt no strength.

        "Little prince, how can a character like you do such a shameless thing?"

        Xu You Rong stared at Wu Zhizhong in anger, not expecting this man to really be so underhanded as to drug him.

        Wu Zhizhong, however, laughed lewdly as he walked towards Xu You Rong step by step.

        "Miss Xu, don't blame me! Blame it on the fact that you are really too beautiful to look at, I just can't stand it anymore, that's why I got you in this way."

        "Don't worry, I will be responsible for you, from now on you will be my woman, no one will dare to bully you in the imperial capital again!"