Today I Give Up Trying 1772

 He naturally knew Bai Yi and admired a woman who could make a small company international, but more importantly, Bai Yi was beautiful, unbelievably beautiful.

        He had had his heart set on this special woman since the first moment he saw Bai Yi, and he had never expected her to be the cousin of Wang Zhijun, the idiot.

        At the sound of his voice!

        Wu Zhizhong then sneered and looked at Wang Zhijun:

        "Boss Wang, how about this, you call your cousin here, let her sleep with me, and I won't need you to pay back that 10 million of yours."


        Wang Zhijun's expression was a little hesitant as he said :

        "But she's already married!"


        Wu Zhizhong directly slapped Wang Zhijun, causing him to lose a few teeth and cry out in pain.

        "Laozi just wants to fuck her, what does it matter to me if she's married or not?"

        Wu Zhizhong was an extremely cold-blooded person, he didn't love anyone, and even more so, he wouldn't marry any woman.

        The reason why he was looking for a woman was just to vent his bestial desires.

        Wang Zhijun was instantly shocked, and then he hurriedly promised with his mouth full: "Don't worry, I will do it now.

        "Don't worry, I'll call my cousin right now and ask her to hurry over to accompany you to bed!"

        In order for him to survive, Wang Zhijun chose to sacrifice Bai Yi without hesitation.

        Anyway, it was only a matter of sleeping with Wu Zhizhong, it wasn't like he had to lose a piece of flesh, it wasn't a big deal.

        And just at that moment!

        A man came to Wu Zhizhong's side and said.

        "Little prince, the representative from Huafu Pharmaceuticals has arrived!"

        Wu Zhizhong nodded indifferently, and then said.

        "Let her in!"

        Within a short time, that representative of Hua Fu Pharmaceuticals was brought in, and it turned out to be Xu You Rong!


        After seeing Xu You Rong, Wu Zhizhong immediately sucked in a cold breath.

        This was surprisingly a beauty whose temperament and appearance was in no way inferior to Bai Yi's. Was he so lucky that he was able to see two stunning beauties on the same day?

        At that moment, his expression became a little odd, staring at Xu You Rong wistfully.

        That look was as if he wanted to swallow Xu You Rong in one bite.

        Xu You Rong also noticed the unfriendly look in Wu Zhizhong's eyes, and immediately said with a stiff expression.

        "Little prince, can we start talking about the contract now?"

        There was a saying circulating in the imperial capital that in order to do business in, one had to pay a visit to Wu Zhizhong's first.

        So Xu You Rong had come and was interested in entering into a partnership with Wu Zhizhong, and once he could enter into a partnership with Wu Zhizhong, a big client, he thought he would be able to completely establish himself in Huafu Pharmaceutical.

        This would also enable the divine doctor Lin, whom he admired, to look at him in a different light.


        Wu Zhizhong, however, had something else in mind and said with a smile.

        "Hey, Miss Xu, why are you in such a hurry, come! Let's have a drink first, we can take our time to discuss the matter of cooperation!"


        Xu You Rong's expression was a little hesitant, as she could clearly see that the man in front of her had ill intentions towards her.

        She was worried that once she had a drink, something big would happen!

        Seeing Xu You Rong's hesitation, Wu Zhizhong's face suddenly sank.

        "Miss Xu, is this because you don't intend to give Wu Zhizhong this thin face?"

        In the imperial capital, no one had ever dared to deny him Wu Zhizhong's face.

        What was Xu You Rong, even Zhang Jianjun of Huafu Pharmaceuticals had to go around when he saw him, what did she have to be arrogant about, a small employee?

        Moreover, there is no woman that Wu Zhizhong can't get that he likes.

        "You Rong, why are you here?"

        And at this time, Wang Zhijun was exclaiming, also a relative, he naturally recognized Xu You Rong.


        Xu You Rong was also stunned, seemingly not expecting the other party to appear here either.

        It wasn't just them!

        Wu Zhizhong also froze, this Xu You Rong was surprisingly also Wang Zhijun's cousin, so that meant she was Bai Yi's cousin?

        Today itself, was this going to enjoy the sisterhood?

        Thinking of this, Wu Zhizhong immediately burst into joy, and then laughed and said.

        "This is a big water washed away the Dragon King Temple, a family doesn't know a family!"

        "Miss Xu, you see your cousin and I are good friends, with him here, are you still afraid of what I will do to you?"