Today I Give Up Trying 1771

 "Lin Fan, you beast! I won't let you go, I definitely won't let you go!"

        Lin Hongtu gritted his teeth and stared at Lin Fan, already in a frenzy.

        He wanted to tear Lin Fan, this damned bastard, into pieces!


        Lin Fan, however, didn't mind at all, and a cold smile of disdain spread across his face.

        "I remember warning you, either get me killed once and for all, or else I will make your Lin family pay a terrible price for every strike you make!"

        While Lin Zhanxie was also looking at Lin Fan with a fierce expression, he roared hysterically.

        "What are you arrogant about, you have already offended Xu Longguan, next you will face not only the revenge of my Lin family, but also the resentment of Xu Longguan!"

        "You're finished!"

        Lin Fan had killed his son!

        Lin Zhanxie wanted to cut this bastard into pieces!

        But luckily, Lin Fan had also offended Xu Longguan, so he wouldn't be able to live long next.

        "Hehe, then we'll see what happens!"

        Lin Fan said indifferently, before leaving the Lin family without looking back.

        As he had done the first time, he made light of the situation and waved his hand without taking away a cloud.

        Like passing through no man's land!

        Seeing that Lin Fan had killed their Lin family's men, yet once again strutted away, Lin Hongtu had gone mad.

        With a stern roar, he said.

        "Use all of the Lin family's connections and do whatever it takes, even if it means fighting this brat to the death, I will break him into pieces!"


        The next few days, Wang Zhijun didn't stay idle, he stayed in the sex every day, and was good at whoring and gambling, in just a few days, he lost all his $50 million.

        He also owed the casino more than 10 million!

        Of course, this was also because Wang Zhijun, a fool, was too flamboyant, shouting loudly in the casino and spending generously, as if he was afraid that people did not know he was rich.

        He was afraid that people wouldn't know he was rich. Who else would he rip off if he wasn't?

        So the casino made a game out of it and took the $50 million out of Wang Zhijun's pocket.

        And Wang Zhijun had no money to pay back, so he was detained by the casino owner.

        At this moment, Wang Zhijun was kneeling in front of a handsome young man, trembling all over, looking like he was about to piss himself in fear.

        "Boss Wang, when do you have to pay this gambling debt you owe?"

        The other party asked sorrowfully.

        Wu Zhizhong, a famous and treacherous man in the imperial capital, specialized in grey industries that could not be seen, but had deep friendships with all the powerful people, and often helped them deal with inconvenient matters.

        Therefore, he has an unimaginable umbrella of protection behind him.

        All walks of life have to give him the benefit of the doubt!

        Moreover, the most terrifying thing was that his uncle was the owner behind the titular Continental Hotel.

        The Continental Hotel is a hotel on the surface, but secretly it is a transit point for agents, providing help and support, as well as professional training for all agents in China.

        And it is located in every corner of the world, and all the staff are agents.

        It can be said that more than 80% of the agents come from the Continental Hotel, and Wu Zhi Zhong's uncle is the boss behind the Continental Hotel.

        And he also has another identity, the famous military seat of China, He Lan Xuan!

        Therefore, Wu Zhizhong could be called a hegemon in the imperial capital, and all powerful people had to respectfully address him as Little Prince.

        "Little prince, I... I don't have any in my hand right now, but my cousin has money. Her name is Bai Yi, the president of the new Bai's, I'll ask her for the money and she'll definitely save me."

        Wang Zhijun said in horror, this shameless man, now that he had nothing else to do, was hitting on Bai Yi again.

        Bai Yi had money anyway!

        Bai Yi owed them favours anyway, this money had to be paid by her!

        "Bai Yi?"

        Wu Zhizhong's heart moved, and a wicked look of lust appeared in his eyes.