Today I Give Up Trying 1769

 Lin Hongtu vomited blood on the spot and hit the ground heavily with a painful expression, Lin Fan almost didn't tear his old bones apart with this blow.

        "Dad, are you alright?"

        Lin Zhanxie nervously supported Lin Hongtu, while looking at Lin Fan angrily.

        "Lin Fan, you beast, how dare you hit your grandfather?"

        Lin Fan's cold, dark gaze swept over towards him.

        With just one glance, it made Lin Zhanyie's scalp feel numb and he no longer dared to speak, fearing that his next words would completely anger Lin Fan and end up like Lin Hongtu.

        And then, Lin Fan appeared in front of Lin Zongrui, a fierce smile on his face.

        "Game, over!"

        The game was over, which meant that Lin Zongrui could die!

        Hearing this, Lin Zongrui's body trembled madly.


        But just as Lin Fan was about to strike, a dangerous aura instantly came from outside the door, and then exploded towards Lin Fan's back!

        "King, be careful!"

        The Blood Hell Mad God shouted in haste.

        Lin Fan frowned, turned around and blasted out with both fists, followed by the two men who had suddenly killed him, and sent them flying!

        The two men did not expect Lin Fan to be so powerful, so they stumbled for a while before finally stopping their momentum.

        At that moment, everyone saw that seven figures had appeared at the entrance.

        "It's the Seven Original Sins of the Holy Church!"

        The moment everyone saw the other party, they were completely stunned.

        They all knew where the other party came from and how terrifying they were, it was these seven people who were known as invincible in the entire European land, and the number of Patriarchs who had died under them was countless.

        The Lin family also did not expect that the Holy Church would send this stalwart force, and these seven men were definitely at the top of the list in terms of their status in the Holy Church.

        It was evident how deep the Holy Hall's hatred for the Blood Prison was, and as soon as they heard that the Blood Prison had assisted Lin Fan to kill Lin Zongrui, they directly dispatched the seven original sins of terrifying strength.

        Its aim, without a doubt, was to completely annihilate Blood Prison!

        Even the Blood Prison Mad God couldn't help but frown after seeing them.

        If it was one on one, he did not fear any of these seven, but once these seven joined forces, then even he would have no chance of winning.

        This was because these seven were an unbreakable squad, having experienced life and death for many years and working together as a team, which had long since given the seven of them an extremely frightening sense of tacit understanding.

        So once these seven people struck, the degree of cooperation was seamless and extremely difficult to deal with!

        "How dare you block my blow, boy, you're interesting!"

        A man with blonde hair and blue eyes spoke, and this time he spoke in fluent English.

        Lin Fan, on the other hand, indifferently swept a glance at him before he said, quite disrespectfully.

        "If you don't want to die, then get lost!"


        The Seven Original Sins were completely enraged, this was the first time they had ever encountered such an ungrateful existence, how dare they look down on them?

        Even the strongest Blood Hell Berserker God here had to avoid them when facing the seven of them at the same time, but a small Grand Master dared to disregard them.

        "Lowly dog, I will break you into pieces and make you pay for your conceit!"

        A large fat man with a tea beard angrily rebuked, a mischievous glint in his eyes as he just stared Lin Fan down in an unkind manner.


        And then, the Seven Original Sins were all rushing out towards Lin Fan, not even looking at the Blood Hell Mad God, it was enough to see how confident they were!


        The next thing they knew, they were regretting it!

        Because the moment they came running to kill, Lin Fan had already moved like a ghost, and his body had leapt out violently!

        And then a hand fiercely probed out towards the tea bearded man at the forefront!