Today I Give Up Trying 1767

 After a few moments of silence on the other end, there came a majestic voice that said.


        "There is someone who wants to do harm to my Lin family, the recently more famous Divine Doctor Lin of China, and he is here right now!"

        Lin Hongtu said, and then looked at Lin Fan with a sneer, his eyes filled with ridicule.

        It seemed that as long as the owner of this phone opened his mouth, Lin Fan would definitely have to let Lin Zongrui go.

        "Put him on the phone!"

        And then, Lin Hongtu was saying in a smug manner.

        "Lin Fan, someone is looking for you to answer the phone, so after you answer it, get lost like a dog! Hahahaha!"

        "Grandpa, who did you get to help?"

        Lin Zongrui was stunned with the sight of Lin Hongtu's smug look, and his face was filled with excitement as he asked.

        However, Lin Hongtu smiled mysteriously and said.

        "You'll find out soon."

        Puzzled, Lin Fan took the phone and then asked.

        "This is Lin Fan, which one is looking for?"

        The man on the other end had a slightly cold tone in his voice.

        "My name, is Xu Longguan!"


        Hearing this name, Lin Zongrui's father and son, as well as Zhang Jianjun, all trembled fiercely, their faces flushed with dismay.

        Obviously, they were already stunned!

        Xu Longguan, how could they not recognise this name?

        How could they not recognise this name? It was such a familiar name that no one in the whole of China knew!

        Because the owner of this name was one of the four great military leaders of China!

        Lin Hongtu had called for Xu Longguan's help with one phone call?

        Oh my God!

        How could the Lin family have such an affinity with the Xu Military Commander?

        This is simply unbelievable!

        "Hahahaha, Lin Fan, even Military Seat Xu is on my side, you can't kill me!"

        "Lin Fan, did you hear what grandpa said, think like a dog and get lost!"

        Lin Zongrui laughed out loud, at this time he knew he had gotten away with it .

        Even if Lin Fan was a bully, he couldn't go against Jun Zuo Xu, right?

        He just didn't believe that this idiot had the guts and ability to do so, and if he really dared to do so, he was only afraid that Military Seat Xu would have dismembered him.


        The next thing Lin Fan did was to smile faintly and ask Xu Longguan on the other end rhetorically.

        "So what?"


        All voices came to an abrupt halt at this moment!

        Everyone was already dumbfounded, each and every one of them daring their own ears.

        So what?

        This guy, did he know what he was talking about, how dare he be so arrogant in the face of Xu Longguan?

        What the hell is he doing? He's out of his mind!

        He dared to call Xu Longguan's bluff in full view of everyone?

        What a madman!

        This guy is simply a madman!

        Everyone looked at Lin Fan in disbelief, feeling that this guy was simply looking for death on purpose.

        Xu Longguan at the other end didn't expect this young man to be so insensitive.

        He had already made his attitude clear, yet he still looked indifferent.

        At that moment, he became a little angry, and his voice became lower and lower: "Now, leave the Lin family.

        "Now, leave the Lin family! I will pretend that nothing has happened!"

        It was all in a commanding tone!

        But Lin Fan remained oiled up and asked back, very contemptuously.

        "How about you get lost now, and I'll consider not killing you?"

        Military seat Xu?

        What's this, like who isn't a military seat?

        Is a military captain that great?


        The words had just fallen!

        Lin Zongrui and the others were about to choke!

        They all looked at Lin Fan in disbelief.

        This guy, to threaten to kill Xu Longguan?

        Where did he find the courage!

        That was the military captain of Huaxia, an existence with millions of troops, which of the four military captains were not powerful and overwhelmingly powerful.

        In the whole of China, they were already above everyone, but Lin Fan, this idiot, dared to openly provoke a military commander?

        This fellow, he was simply looking for death!

        "Hahahaha, Lin Fan, you idiot, how dare you humiliate Military Commander Xu like that, you've simply eaten the heart of a bear and the guts of a leopard, next even the Da Luo Golden Immortal won't be able to save your dog's life."