Today I Give Up Trying 1766

 "That wild ba sta rd, beating down the door!"


        Lin Hongtu's expression suddenly changed wildly, that wild bastard had come so quickly?

        "Damn it, you guys stop him!"

        Lin Hongtu said incomparably furiously, but at this time, he was also a little flustered.

        He hadn't expected Lin Fan to come so quickly either, so that he simply wouldn't have enough time to wait for the Holy Hall to arrive.

        It was obviously not that easy to kill Lin Fan if they relied on their Lin family alone.

        "We tried, but we couldn't stop it at all! Behind that brat, he's followed by the Blood Hell Mad God and other Blood Hell powerhouses!"


        Lin Hongtu's sweat immediately rose up, and instantly he was violently embarrassed, already extremely frightened at this time.

        Why was even the Blood Prison here!

        Moreover, why would the Blood Prison help that brat?

        This, it was simply impossible!

        And then, Lin Hongtu looked at Lin Zongrui in disbelief, and Lin Zongrui could only confess.

        "Just now, it was precisely because of the Blood Prison's help that I was unable to defeat that kid, otherwise I would have broken him into pieces a long time ago."

        "That guy must have already expected me to deal with him, so he contacted the Blood Prison from the beginning and wanted to use its power to hold us back!"

        "Why didn't you say so earlier!"

        Lin Hongtu was so angry that he stomped his foot, he hated it, if this matter involved the King of Blood Prison, it would become extremely troublesome.

        Lin Zongrui was silent, the reason why he didn't say anything was because he was worried that if he did, Lin Hongtu would abandon him out of fear of offending the King of Blood Prison.


        At that moment, a fishy wind had been rushed into the hall!

        It made Lin Hongtu and the others stand up in sweat!

        Immediately afterwards!

        A familiar figure was striding across the threshold and proceeded to walk in.

        "Old immortal, we meet again!"

        Lin Fan had a cold smile on his face.

        And upon seeing Lin Fan, Lin Hongtu's face instantly turned gloomy.

        This was the second time Lin Fan had barged into the Lin family like this, it was almost as if if no one was there, this was simply a disgrace to them.

        Their Lin family, had they ever been treated like this before?

        To have people come in and out at will?

        It was because of this beast in front of them that their Lin family had been suffering from shame for so long, reduced to a laughing stock among all people.

        Today, Lin Hongtu hated the thought of breaking Lin Fan into pieces.

        "You should know that you can't protect him!"

        Lin Fan said with a smirk, but those sharp eyes looked as if they could pierce through Lin Hongtu.

        "Today, I want Lin Zongrui's life!!!"

        A single word was a strong killing intent, and Lin Fan had already made his attitude clear.

        It showed arrogance!

        It seemed that he didn't take Lin Hongtu into account at all!

        Lin Fan's words directly made Lin Hongtu furious, Lin Fan even said he wanted to kill his grandson in front of him?

        He even insulted himself, saying that he couldn't stop him at all?

        Wasn't this a deliberate attempt to slap him in the face?

        This brat in front of him was more than not putting him in his eyes, this was simply a deliberate attempt to humiliate him.

        Lin Hongtu immediately slapped the table violently and said angrily.

        "Lin Fan, how dare you! Injuring my grandson, barging into my house, and now even trying to openly kill someone in my Lin family, do you really think I'm a vegetarian?"

        "Lin Zongrui sent that coffin to your place on my orders! You bitch gave birth to a wild child, I just deliberately wanted to humiliate you, what's wrong with that?"

        "If you want to kill him today, step over my dead body first!"

        And sniff!

        Lin Fan just laughed contemptuously:.

        "I've already said, I want to kill him, you can't protect him!"

        With that!

        Lin Fan then took a step forward and walked towards Lin Zongrui step by step.

        "Grandpa save me!"

        Lin Zongrui immediately shouted to Lin Hongtu in terror, completely terrified even at this time.

        His men would not arrive for a while, and now there was no one but Lin Hongtu who could save him.

        "Shame on you!"

        Lin Hongtu shouted angrily, and then dialed a mysterious number directly.

        "There's something I want to ask you for a favour!"