Today I Give Up Trying 1765

 "Dad! Grandpa! Help me!"

        And as soon as Lin Zongrui returned to the Lin family home, he stumbled in and fell to the ground screaming in misery.

        When Zhang Jianjun and Lin Zhanxie saw Lin Zongrui's miserable state, they froze.

        What's wrong with him? Wasn't he fine when he first went out?

        Why did he come back in such a state?

        Lin Zongrui also knew that he couldn't hide it anymore, so he just told Lin Zhangshuo about his cooperation with Mei Yingxue.


        Lin Hongtu backhanded Mei Yingxue and slapped her across the face, angrily reprimanding her, saying.

        "You're not good enough, Lin Zongrui is the only heir of our Lin family, if anything happens to him, I want you to pay for his life, you bitch!"

        Mei Ying Xue covered her face, but she did not say a word, except that a trace of hatred flashed in her eyes.

        In the past, when her son was still alive, Lin Hongtu never dared to treat her like this, but because her son had died, Lin Hongtu no longer took him seriously.

        The Lin family, they really are cold-blooded and heartless!

        "Lin Zongrui, are you saying that it was that wild bastard Lin Fan who beat you up like this?"

        Lin Zhanxie said angrily, it was that damned bastard Lin Fan again.

        He was simply the destroyer of the Lin family, as long as he lived, he would constantly bring bad luck to the Lin family, bringing one disaster after another.

        "Dad, that beast is planning to kill me, you must save me!"

        "I've already contacted the Holy Church, it will take them a while to arrive, once they arrive, even if Lin Fan has three heads and six arms, he will only have a way to die."

        Lin Zongrui had already contacted the Hall of Saints?

        Upon hearing this news, Lin Zhanxie and Lin Hongtu were overjoyed, that was a terrifying force no less than Blood Prison, with the terrifying title of King of War.

        With their help, it would be easy to kill Lin Fan, right?

        Lin Hongtu immediately sneered and said.

        "Don't worry, as long as I have my breath, I will definitely not let that beast touch a single hair on your head!"

        "Lin Zhan Epigram, immediately order it down, use all your power to stop Lin Fan from setting foot in the Lin family!"

        "I don't believe that kid is so bold as to ignore all laws and rules and blatantly come to my Lin family to kill someone!"

        Lin Zhanxie didn't say a word and nodded his head in agreement straight away, before rushing off at a fast pace.

        "Someone! Gather all the available men and horses of the Lin family and block all of them at the entrance of the Lin family, no matter what, we can't let that evil bastard harm a single hair of my precious grandson!"

        Not long after!

        Lin Zongrui's phone rang, and after answering the phone, Lin Zongrui's face directly showed joy.

        His face was overflowing with ruthlessness.

        "Grandpa, just now my mother has called me, he said that the people from the Holy Hall are already on their way and will arrive at the Lin family in about an hour!"

        "When that time comes, we'll come and attack from both sides to completely obliterate Lin Fan!"

        Lin Zongrui didn't dare to be careless anymore, he had already let Lin Fan break an arm today due to carelessness, today he had to use all the power available to him to shred Lin Fan to pieces.

        "Hahahaha, good! My good grandson, today we will combine our two swords, and completely obliterate that wild bastard who has brought untold shame to our Lin family!"

        "Then tomorrow, you will officially become the head of my Lin family and rule over the entire Lin family!"

        Lin Hongtu was also in a great mood, as if in his eyes, Lin Fan was already a dead man.

        After all, that was the Holy Hall!

        A Holy Hall that was no less than the Blood Prison, if he could unite with such a power, in the future, let alone Lin Fan, even the Blood Prison would not be in his eyes for his Lin Family.

        At these words!

        Lin Zongrui's gaze was ruthless as he gritted his teeth and said.

        "I will make sure that scum, shall not be allowed to die!"


        Lin Zongrui's words had just fallen!


        The door of the Lin family was instantly blown apart!

        After that, a group of powerful Lin family members ran in frantically with fear in their eyes!

        "Old Clan Master, something is wrong!"