Today I Give Up Trying 1764


        Blood splashes out!

        A severed arm falls to the ground!


        Lin Zongrui immediately let out an extremely miserable scream, clutching his severed arm and rolling around on the ground in pain.

        Lin Fan, he was going to kill him!

        This damned bastard, he was actually planning to kill him!

        What a madman!

        Wasn't he afraid of the Holy Church's retaliation?

        Seeing Lin Zongrui's miserable state, Mei Yingxue's body also trembled violently, before even her scalp exploded.

        At this moment, it was as if she had already realised what was going to happen to her!

        "Lin Fan, don't kill me, give me a chance! I'll help you deal with the Lin family, in fact, I hate the Lin family as much as you do!"

        "You don't want to kill Lin Zhanxiang and Lin Hongtu, I can help you with both!"

        Lin Zongrui instantly had a frightened expression as he pleaded with Lin Fan.

        Nowadays, his thoughts were simple, that was to live and talk.

        But Lin Fan was laughing fiercely.

        "You want to live?"

        Lin Zongrui nodded his head one by one.

        "Yes, yes, yes, I want to live, as long as you let me live, you can make me do anything."

        "Actually, I don't have a good feeling towards the Lin family either, I just want to take their industry for myself, the two of us can join forces strongly, what do you think?"

        Lin Fan nodded and said.

        "I'll give you guys an hour to use all your strength, all your means, and think of all the ways to escape from me!"

        "As long as you guys can escape, I'll let you guys go, how about that?"


        When Lin Zongrui and Mei Yingxue heard these words, they both wondered if they were hallucinating, was this guy serious?

        Wasn't this letting them off for nothing?

        In an hour's time, with their abilities, they would be able to escape to the ends of the earth, and it would be difficult for Lin Fan to catch them again.

        Lin Zongrui, in particular, had enough time in this hour to arrange for more support from the Holy Church.

        At that moment, Lin Zongrui was not too sure and said.

        "You... Are you serious?"

        He obviously did not feel that Lin Fan was so generous, or so stupid.

        However, Lin Fan was looking directly at his phone:.

        "Countdown, start!"

        Lin Zongrui's body instantly tensed up, before shouting angrily at Mei Yingxue.

        "Bitch, are you deaf? Why don't you come and help me? If anything happens to me, you won't be able to get away with it!"

        At these words, Mei Yingxue gave Lin Fan a deep look. She had thought that Lin Zongrui was already conceited enough, but now it seemed that Lin Fan was even more stupid than him.

        Mei Ying Xue hurriedly assisted Lin Zongrui and then left the bar as if she had fled, driving straight out.

        "Go back to the Lin family, as long as we get to the Lin family, even if this guy has three heads and six arms, he won't be able to help me!"

        Lin Zongrui said with a sinister expression.

        "I want that idiot to pay the price for what he did!"

        With that, Lin Zongrui took out his mobile phone and started calling people!

        While Mei Ying Xue, who was driving, was laughing coldly, how could Lin Fan not know that Lin Zongrui would flee back to the Lin family, yet Lin Fan still let Lin Zongrui leave, that meant that Lin Fan didn't care at all.

        Since this was the case, Lin Zongrui's return to the Lin family would be his own death.

        But Mei Ying Xue deliberately did not make it clear, because she did need this idiot Lin Zongrui to be a target for her, so that he could attract Lin Fan's firepower and then she would have a chance to escape.

        Mei Ying Xue had already made up her mind that after sending Lin Zongrui back to the Lin family, she would immediately contact the head of the snake to take her out of the country and definitely not let Lin Fan catch her.

        And at this moment!

        Lin Fan was just head inside the bar, slowly sipping his wine and waiting for an hour to pass.

        Behind him, there were still the strongest existences of the Blood Prison, such as the Blood Prison Mad God, standing behind him, a solemn aura constantly emerging from each of them.

        Even Zhang Jianjun felt chilled by this aura!

        He was almost paralysed with fear at this time, never dreaming that Lin Fan, apart from being the Lin Zuo of China, was also the king of the Blood Prison.

        He was like a fog that, when uncovered layer by layer, was extremely disturbing to the liver and guts.

        An hour later, Lin Fan then slammed the wine glass in his hand onto the ground.