Today I Give Up Trying 1763


        Lin Zongrui was stunned, he had expected Lin Fan to be paralyzed with fear on the spot when he saw this situation, but he didn't expect this guy to even dare to threaten him?

        He was simply looking for death!

        "Dog, don't you think you can still kill me, all by yourself?"

        "Here, I already have four Grand Masters alone, what gives you the right?"

        And at that moment!

        Lin Fan, however, sneered and said :

        "I'll tell you all what my credentials are!"


        As soon as the words left his mouth, a wretched scream rang out from outside.


        Lin Zongrui and the others' expressions changed wildly, and then they hurriedly looked out of the window and saw a mass of blood-clad people massacring the members of the Holy Church.

        The person at the head of the group was exceptionally solid, and the moment they saw him, both Lin Zongrui and Mei Yingxue couldn't help but have their scalps tingle.

        That was surprisingly the ...... Blood Hell Berserker God!

        Impossible, this couldn't be!

        How could their Holy Hall's arch-enemy suddenly appear here?

        And then, Lin Zongrui was looking at Lin Fan with extreme horror :

        "You ...... how could you possibly use the power of the Blood Prison, who the hell are you?"

        The Blood Prison Mad God had come, he was the leader of the Blood Prison, directly under the orders of the King of the Blood Prison, who else besides the King of the Blood Prison was qualified to move him?

        This, what the hell is going on?

        And at this time, the Blood Hell Mad God had already wrung the throat of a Grand Master and was laughing at them outside the window.

        This directly made Lin Zongrui about to explode!

        "A dead man doesn't need to know so much!"

        Lin Fan's expression was cold before he said with a violent shout :

        "Blood Prison, listen to the order, slaughter all the members of the Holy Hall and the Mei family!"

        "Not a single one will be left behind!!!"


        Both Lin Zongrui and Mei Yingxue had been completely scared out of their wits after hearing that miserable scream resound.

        They had both thought that they were sure of Lin Fan, but they hadn't expected that this fellow, Lin Fan, would be qualified to use the power of the Blood Prison.

        Even the Blood Hell Mad God had personally stepped in!

        This simply drove them to the brink of madness!

        Lin Fan, how could he be so capable?

        This fellow, he was clearly a wildling, even if he was a Grand Master, he was not qualified to befriend the entire Blood Prison only.

        What the hell was going on here?

        Moreover, what the Blood Prison Mad God had brought with him this time was the strongest person in the entire Blood Prison, who was now massacring the members of the Holy Hall.

        Faced with such a terrifying force, the Holy Church had not the slightest room to resist!

        In just under a minute's time, it had already been slaughtered by the Blood Prison.

        Even the four Grand Masters were dead and wounded, and the remaining ones were already running away with their heads in their hands, uninterested in fighting.


        Mei Yingxue fell to the ground in despair, having already predicted her end after seeing this scene.

        She looked at Lin Zongrui with extreme resentment.

        "Lin Zongrui, the most regrettable thing I've done in my life is to work with you, this idiot!"

        If this guy hadn't been so conceited and had instead taken Lin Fan by surprise and assassinated him, perhaps they wouldn't be facing such a situation now.

        But now, it was too late to say anything!

        Blood Hell had slaughtered the Holy Church, so it was them next.

        At this moment, Lin Zongrui was also too frightened to speak, and the scene before him had completely stunned him.

        He had thought that he had won and would kill Lin Fan!

        But he hadn't expected that this wild bastard would be able to mobilise the power of the Blood Prison, and that even the Blood Prison Mad God would bow down for him... this was an illusion!


        Lin Zongrui was utterly terrified!

        Today's Lin Fan actually possessed the power to be able to fight against him, and now Lin Fan would definitely stop at nothing to kill him.

        After all, he had done something so excessive!

        "Lin Fan, behind me is the Holy Hall, if you dare to kill me, you would be making an enemy of the entire Holy Hall, and even if you have the Blood Prison backing you up, you would still have no choice but to escape death!"

        Lin Zongrui hurriedly warned Lin Fan.

        "Is that so?"

        Lin Fan sneered, before picking up a knife and then slashing down viciously towards Lin Zongrui's shoulder.