Today I Give Up Trying 1762

 "Damn it, I've never seen such a strong killing aura in my life, how on earth did you guys invite such a monster?"

        "This, isn't even human! It's a devil!"

        Mei Yingxue and the others were stunned, this state of Lin Fan in front of them was like a murderous maniac, one couldn't help but feel one's scalp tingling just by looking at him.

        "Lin Zongrui, are you dumb? Quickly think of something!"

        Mei Ying Xue shouted angrily at Lin Zongrui, she was going crazy at this time, she should not have listened to this idiot's nonsense.

        She shouldn't have listened to this idiot's nonsense, and as a result, she had ended up like this!

        But Lin Zongrui had a relaxed expression on his face and said disdainfully.

        "What are you panicking about, isn't it just a Grand Master?"


        Mei Ying Xue looked at Lin Zongrui in disbelief, even at this point in time, Lin Zongrui was still full of care.

        Could it be that this guy had some other tricks up his sleeve?

        Thinking of this, Mei Ying Xue was instantly ecstatic, and then said.

        "Young Lin, if you have any tricks up your sleeve, just hurry up and use them!"

        And then!

        Lin Zongrui was looking at Lin Fan from a high position, as if he was looking at a mole.

        "Even if you are a Grand Master, it doesn't change the fact that your bloodline is inferior, a pariah like you was born unworthy to be compared to a noble like me!"

        "Now, I will show you the power of a nobleman!"

        Slap, slap, slap!

        Lin Zongrui directly clapped his palm.

        And after that!


        A terrifying roar came violently from outside there!

        Several helicopters appeared in sync, as well as countless armored vehicles, and even tanks!

        It was like a small army armour!

        When they saw the huge mass of people, everyone was completely frozen, as if they couldn't believe that Lin Zongrui was able to use such a force in a place like the imperial capital.

        He could be called a man of great power!

        The Holy Church, it was truly terrifying!

        And after seeing the other party's uniform attire, Mei Yingxue and the others were completely stunned.

        "The Dark Hall! This is a branch of the Holy Church, specialising in assassinations!"

        It was said that a long time ago this mysterious group of assassins had even assassinated a kingdom lord!

        Seeing this, even Zhang Jianjun could not help but have his expression change and said angrily.

        "Lin Zongrui, how dare you bring mercenaries into China, you're breaking the laws of China!"

        But Lin Zongrui was unconcerned, sneering and saying.

        "Who knows? After today, these people will disappear into thin air, as if they never existed, and who will find them?"

        "Ministry Zhang, I have respect for you, so I hope I won't make a fool of myself, so I'd better hurry up and leave."

        "Lest a sword is blind in a moment and injure you by mistake that would be bad."

        And Zhang Jianjun just laughed.

        "Just you, you want to be an enemy of Mr. Lin, you don't even take a piss and look at your own virtue."

        As soon as he heard this, Lin Zongrui was instantly on fire: "My parents are both my parents.

        "My parents are both aristocrats, and I have aristocratic blood flowing through my body, who is this wild bastard he to compare with me?"

        Lin Fan and Zhang Jianjun both laughed, and wondered just how superior Lin Zongrui was, hanging the word bloodline on his lips all the time.

        As if he had a royal bloodline running through him, it was laughable!

        Zhang Jianjun said in a straightforward mocking manner.

        "You pretend to be superior and think that because you have the Lin family and the Holy Church backing you up, you can see no one else in the world? Let me tell you, compared to Mr. Lin, you are not even worthy to carry his shoes!"

        "I advise you to apologise to Mr. Lin now, or else your Lin family will really be extinct!"


        Hearing Zhang Jianjun's insult, Lin Zongrui completely jumped into a thunderstorm!

        Asking him, a born aristocrat, to apologise to Lin Fan, what a joke, what qualifications did this cheap bastard have to ask him to apologise?

        This was utter bullshit!

        "Zhang Jianjun, since you're shameless, don't blame me for being unkind to you. Someone, along with this old bastard, kill him for me!"

        "As for you, Lin Fan, you wild bastard, I won't make your death too easy, this time it's your mother's bones that will be delivered, while the next time it will be Bai Yi's head on a platter."

        Lin Fan's eyes were instantly cold as he sternly said :

        "You don't stand a chance!"