Today I Give Up Trying 1761

 Lin Fan didn't answer Lin Zongrui, but coldly gave Lin Zongrui a stare: "It was you who dug my mother's coffin out of the ground.

        "It was you who took my mother's coffin and dug it out from inside the ground?"


        Lin Zongrui laughed coldly twice,, and looked at Lin Fan with a lofty expression.

        "Yes, it's me, do you still like the gift you got?"


        Lin Fan copied a wine bottle and smashed it fiercely on top of Lin Zongrui's head.

        Lin Zongrui immediately let out a miserable scream and rolled off the sofa to the ground, instantly bleeding from his scalp.

        Mei Ying Xue was instantly frozen, she hadn't expected Lin Fan to suddenly strike either.

        Now, this man's eyes were bloodshot, as if he wanted to eat someone, and that hideous appearance made one's scalp tingle.

        Damn it!

        They had completely angered this devil, and they were afraid that they would not be able to escape today.

        Mei Yingxue was trembling all at once, before shouting.

        "Come on, men!"

        As soon as the words fell, all of the experts of the Mei family instantly gathered around Mei Yingxue and looked at Lin Fan with incomparable vigilance.

        Lin Fan, on the other hand, ignored these people behind Mei Yingxue and fixed Lin Zongrui with an icy gaze as he said.

        "Then today, you'll have to die here!"

        Since he had already received Lin Zongrui's reply, then Lin Fan knew that he had not found the wrong person.

        "You... How dare you hit me? How dare you hit me, you wild bastard born of a bitch?"

        "I am a Lin family member, my maternal lineage is the thousandth daughter of a top powerhouse in Rice, I have the most noble blood flowing in my veins, is this something that a wild bastard like you can defile? Kill him for me, kill him!"

        Lin Zongrui roared hysterically, his maternal line was a thousand-year-old daughter of a powerful family in Rice, and his maternal grandfather had extremely huge power.

        That was why he was qualified to enter the Holy Church and become a senior executive in it.

        But Lin Fan, this beast, how dare he hit himself?

        He was born a king, born a noble, and now he had let a wild bastard beat him up, how could he possibly accept this?

        "Is that so? Then let me see what colour the blood of a nobleman really is!"

        Lin Fan snorted coldly and stepped forward.

        "Stop him!"

        Mei Ying Xue shouted, at this time she and Lin Zongrui were already grasshoppers on a rope, so naturally she couldn't let Lin Fan kill Lin Zongrui, otherwise she would be finished too.

        All the Mei family experts immediately pounced towards Lin Fan.

        "Today, whoever dares to meddle, kill them all!"

        Lin Fan shouted and struck out brutally, like a devil king descending, instantly running out as well.

        And then, a fist slammed out!


        The head split open, in just an instant, a Patriarch's head was blasted to slag by him!

        "Lin Zongrui, quickly do something!"

        Mei Ying Xue shouted with a frightened expression, knowing that she would never be able to stop this devil Lin Fan with just these people she had brought along.

        At this time, if Lin Zongrui didn't think of something, then they would really die here.

        Lin Fan was like a tiger entering a sheep pen, completely red-eyed from killing, his eyes were wide open and he was extremely furious.

        That look was as if he could not wait to wipe out everything in front of him.

        Poof, poof, poof!

        One by one, the Mei family members died violently under Lin Fan's frenzied strikes, tragically dying on the spot!

        They didn't even have time to scream before they became corpses.

        What's more!

        Mei Yingxue and the others even watched in horror as Lin Fan tore a top-level sect master in half, alive!

        The blood, completely wetting the entire box!

        The pungent, fishy stench was disgusting!


        And Lin Fan was taking one step at a time, pressing on.

        At this moment, he was already drenched in blood, like a devil walking from the depths of the sea of blood, his gaze fixed on these people in front of him.

        Hate, as high as it had ever been!

        Whoever dared to stand in their way would have to die!

        "Miss, I... We can't stop him!"