Today I Give Up Trying 1760

 "Don't worry grandpa, I won't let you down."

        Lin Zongrui promised with his mouth full, but in his heart he was incomparably grateful to his half-brother whom he hadn't met yet.

        If it wasn't for Lin Fan, it wouldn't really be that easy for him to get the Lin family, but now it was different, the Lin family had no choice but to turn to him.

        Moreover, now that several of his brothers had died, this Lin family headship could only fall on him.

        At that moment, Lin Zongrui answered a phone call, and then got up and prepared to leave:

        "Grandpa, I'm going to go to the layout!"

        "Well, well, my good grandson, grandpa is waiting for your good news."

        Lin Hongtu said with a smile.

        Not long after, Lin Zongrui appeared in a bar box and met a woman, a woman who had a deep blood feud with Lin Fan.

        Mei Yingxue!

        "When are you going to kill Lin Fan?"

        She hated Lin Fan so much that she could only dream of breaking him into pieces, that's why she couldn't care less, as long as she could kill him, it didn't matter who she was asked to work with.

        "I have my own plan in mind, don't rush, take your time!"

        Lin Zongrui said with an indifferent expression, how could he let Lin Fan die so easily?

        The harder it was for Lin Fan to die, didn't it seem like he, Lin Zongrui, was more powerful?

        At those words, Mei Yingxue's face instantly turned extremely ugly before he angrily said :

        "Lin Zongrui you better not get too carried away, that fellow is not as easy as you think, if we don't take him out by surprise, when he comes back to his senses it will be our demise."

        "We plowed his mother's grave, he definitely won't let us go."


        Lin Zongrui, however, laughed coldly and said with extreme disdain :

        "Not sparing me, just by that wild bastard? Isn't he just a Grand Master? It's not like I haven't killed one before!"

        At those words!

        Mei Ying Xue instantly regretted a little, how could she have worked with such a conceited idiot, she was really too stupid.

        Like that monster Lin Fan, if he dared to take him lightly, he would be looking for death, even if it was Lin Zongrui.

        Although Mei Yingxue wanted to avenge her son, she did not want to lose her life for nothing.

        After that, she got up straight away and said indifferently:

        "Whatever you say, from now on you and I will have nothing more to do with each other, and I have never been involved in your plans."

        With that, she grabbed her satchel and turned around to leave.

        "Cut it out, coward! You guys are afraid of him, but I'm not afraid of him!"

        Lin Zongrui laughed frivolously :

        "Next time, I'll send Bai Yi's head straight to that wild bastard, you guys wait and see."

        At those words!

        Mei Ying Xue shook her head, her heart growing more and more contemptuous of Lin Zongrui.

        Originally, assassination meant that one had to be taken by surprise, but Lin Zongrui had sent a coffin ahead of time, wasn't this like reminding Lin Fan in an invisible way?

        This way Lin Fan was on guard and his success rate of trying to kill him again was instantly lowered by several notches.

        This kind of behaviour was too conceited!

        And the moment Mei Yingxue pushed open the door, she suddenly saw a man standing in the doorway, grinning at her.

        "Lin...Lin Fan??"

        Mei Ying Xue shouted in horror, while taking several steps back, this devil had come to her door.

        Lin Fan, however, acted as if he was a nobody, and pushed the door straight in, with a smile on his face, he said:

        "So you are involved in this, that's just right! Let's settle this together today!"

        Behind him, he was followed by Zhang Jianjun, who also wanted to see how Lin Fan would deal with Lin Zongrui.

        He had now also investigated Lin Zongrui's identity clearly, a senior member of the Holy Church, even he had to go around when he saw him.

        The Lin Zongrui inside also froze, looking at the man who bore a slight resemblance to himself, before instantly sneering.

        "You're the wild child born from that bitch Song Yao?"

        The moment he opened his mouth, it was laced with humiliation, completely not putting Lin Fan in his eyes.