Today I Give Up Trying 1759

 Lin Fan was like a rabid lion roaring in rage, he wanted to know who had done all this and who had the audacity to plough his ancestral grave.


        Zhang Jianjun fell to the ground, his face white as a sheet:

        "Sir, we don't know who did it, but there's a letter on it that I think is for you."

        Lin Fan hastily opened the envelope and saw a series of short words on it:

        A great gift for you and many thanks for taking care of the Lin family during this time.

        It was signed:Lin Zongrui!

        Zhang Jianjun walked over and after taking a glance at the name, he said in shock: "This Lin Zongrui is Lin Zhanxie's son, who was sent away to study in Rice by Lin Zhanxie at a very young age and has never returned!"

        "Lin Zhanxie's son?"

        Lin Fan gritted his teeth, Lin Zhanxie had put his mother through a lot of torture during his lifetime, and his son had the audacity to humiliate his mother like this.


        "Find him for me, I'll cut him into pieces!"

        Lin Fan was furious and looked as if he was on the verge of going mad.

        And at that moment, the Lin family!

        The three grandfathers and grandsons were all drinking and having a good time, all with a strong look of joy on their faces.

        "Did you really plow up that bitch Song Yao's grave?"

        Lin Zhanxie asked Lin Zongrui.

        Lin Zongrui was a clean-cut young man, with a look somewhat similar to Lin Fan, but with a more feminine temperament.

        Like a poisonous snake, he gave people a very uncomfortable feeling.

        Lin Zongrui then sneered and said:

        "That bitch made our Lin family suffer shame when she was alive, and after her death her son still caused so much trouble, what's wrong with me digging her grave? I want her to die in peace."

        "Also, I will also let that wild bastard Lin Fan know that the next person he will face is me, Lin Zongrui!"

        "Hahahaha, good, worthy of being my Lin Hongtu's grandson, domineering enough!"

        Lin Hongtu gave Lin Zongrui a thumbs up and praised him :

        "It seems that sending you abroad to study was indeed a correct decision."

        "So you are the one who is the most underrated person in my Lin family, the future Lin family is depending on you to hold up."

        And sniff!

        Lin Zongrui was also overjoyed, arching his hand excitedly at Lin Hongtu :

        "Grandpa, don't worry, I will definitely live up to the expectations and lead the Lin family to flourish."

        After that, Lin Zongrui looked at Lin Zhanxie and said with a cold smile:

        "Dad, you're not afraid, are you?"


        Lin Zhanxie had a face of contempt and said:

        "My son is the leader of the Holy Church, do I need to be afraid of that dog Lin Fan?"

        It turned out!

        Over the years, Lin Zongrui had become a high ranking member of the Holy Church.

        The Hall was a criminal organisation in Rice, but it had an official background behind it, selling arms on behalf of the government, and was now the largest arms dealer in Rice.

        It is known as the King of War in the outside world and often clashes with the Blood Prison overseas.

        An existence that can call the shots with the Blood Prison, one can imagine how terrifying it is.

        It was because of this that Lin Zongrui dared not to put Lin Fan in his sights.

        This time, Lin Zongrui had returned in order to reorganise and take charge of the Lin family again!

        And at the same time kill Lin Fan!

        He was now a high ranking member of the Sacred Hall, and killing a Grand Master was a breeze.

        The Dark Hall he was in charge of, on the other hand, was dedicated to assassination.

        "What are you going to do next?"

        Lin Hongtu asked Lin Zongrui with a concerned look on his face, obviously he already hated to pull out this thorn in Lin Fan's side immediately.

        Lin Zongrui laughed coldly and said :

        "I'm best at assassination, so naturally I have to kill him with what I'm good at."

        "But I won't let him die so easily, I will kill his family one by one first, and then it will be his turn last!"

        "Let him also taste what it's like to lose his loved ones!"


        Lin Hongtu was instantly ecstatic and held Lin Zongrui's hand tightly :

        "Good grandson, grandfather's good grandson, the Lin family is relying on you this time, you must make sure that little beast has a bad death!"