Today I Give Up Trying 1758

 "That's definitely going to be less, if I had known that idiot Lin Fan was so gullible, I should have said 80 million for us just now, no! I should have said one hundred million!"

        Wang Youcai was also remorseful, he didn't expect Lin Fan to be so generous and give them a cheque for fifty million straight away.

        This mother and son were really strange, they regretted that they hadn't made enough money for others, they were shameless and had no conscience.

        "It's okay, there's always time for that!"

        Wang Zhijun said with a bad smile, "Let's spend the $50 million first, then we can borrow it from them!


        Wang Youcai was stunned and looked at Wang Zhijun in disbelief.

        "You're still planning to borrow from them?"

        Wasn't the 50 million already more than enough?

        Moreover, they were already very reluctant to borrow 50 million.

        This next time they asked, how could they possibly agree?

        "Dad, are you stupid, they are so rich, don't they want it for nothing?"

        Wang Zhijun said extremely shamelessly.

        The moment they offered 50 million, that meant they had more money, if this didn't take more, wouldn't that be a disservice to themselves?

        "But they weren't even that happy this time, can they agree next time?"

        Wang Youcai asked.

        "If they don't agree we'll cry and hang ourselves and go over to Huafu Pharmaceutical to smear them and say they're ungrateful."

        "Hey, those few rancid steamed buns of kindness, our family will eat them for the rest of our lives!"

        Wang Zhijun had already planned to rely on their family for the rest of his life, who let them owe them favours to come.

        His own family had saved their family's life, even if they took more than that, it was not too much, that was what they should give.

        "Dad, if you want to have endless glory and wealth for the rest of your life, you have to rely on their family!"

        Wang Zhijun was already a nibbler, all he did was eat, drink and gamble all day long, never working.

        In the past, Wang Youcai was a nibbler, but now that he has a richer golden master to give him the money, how can this parasite let go so easily?

        Wang Zhijun egged Wang Youcai on, saying.

        "Besides, we saved their lives, that's taking advantage of the word reason, isn't it right for them to give us a pension?"

        At these words!

        Wang Youcai was also moved and said with a smile.

        "Then we'll do whatever you want!"

        That night!

        Wang Zhijun went to the most famous casino in the area and found some chicks for a quickie.

        But he didn't take it seriously at all, because he still had more than 40 million, and most importantly, he still had Bai Yi's family to support him, so what was he afraid of?

        At that moment, Lin Fan was in the office of Huafu Pharmaceuticals!

        But suddenly he saw Zhang Jianjun striding in with a somewhat ugly expression.

        "What's wrong?"

        Lin Fan asked, somewhat puzzled.

        "Mr. Lin, what you see next, I hope you won't be shocked!"

        Zhang Jianjun sighed and looked nervous.

        "Say what you have to say, no need to beat around the bush."

        Lin Fan didn't know what Zhang Jianjun was playing at.

        Zhang Jianjun said no more and instructed the door.

        "Carry it in!"

        And then, there were a few people outside the door, carrying the object in.

        The moment Lin Fan saw the object, his eyes suddenly shrank fiercely, because it was actually a coffin.

        And it was a coffin that had just been dug out of the mud!

        It was dilapidated and dirty!

        But Lin Fan was looking tense and took big steps towards the front.

        When he saw the name on the coffin, his head exploded instantly!

        The Tomb of the Song Clan!

        This was, his mother's tomb!

        It had been ploughed up!

        Tortured in life, no peace in death!


        Lin Fan's eyes completely filled with blood in this instant, spreading a blinding blood red.

        Murderous intent, raging madly!

        Today, he wanted to kill!

        "Who was it? Who did it!!!"