Today I Give Up Trying 1757


        Wang Youcai and Wang Zhijun were stunned and looked at Lin Fan incredulously.

        "Lin Fan, it won't work!"

        "Little Fan, don't!"

        Shen Yumei and Bai Yi both nervously discouraged, afraid that Lin Fan would really give the money.

        They both knew that this family was a bottomless pit that could never be filled.

        And the most crucial thing was that this money was a complete meatball, with no return.

        Wang Youcai and Wang Zhijun were so shameless and despicable that there was no way they would pay it back.

        Instead, Lin Fan waved his hand to stop them from continuing,.

        "You have money?"

        Wang Youcai looked at Lin Fan with less certainty, was this little white boy serious?

        Lin Fan smiled and didn't say anything, he directly signed a cheque for fifty million and threw it in front of Wang Zhijun and Wang Youcai.

        This moment, left him, father and son, completely stunned, this guy was really rich!

        "This cheque of yours, it can't be fake, right?"

        Wang Zhijun, however, looked at Lin Fan with some caution, fearing that he had been tricked by Lin Fan.


        Lin Fan laughed lightly, before extending his hand.

        "If you don't want it, then give it back to me!"

        Wang Zhijun hurriedly put the cheque into his pocket like a miser.

        At the same time, he glared viciously at Lin Fan: "Don't blame me for not reminding you.

        "Don't blame me for not warning you, if I find out that this cheque of yours is fake, I won't spare you lightly."

        "When the time comes, I'll go and make a scene at Huafu Pharmaceutical, which is partnered with you, I don't mind being embarrassed anyway!"

        Hearing these words, Shen Yumei's family was so angry that their bodies trembled, how could there be such a shameless person, this was simply a landlord and rogue.

        "Don't worry, the cheque will definitely be cashed to the money!"

        The contempt in Lin Fan's eyes increased as he said.

        "But I also hope that you can honour your promise, no more claims of benefiting our family to the public in the future, and even more so, no more appearing in front of us, or else you will suffer the consequences!"


        Wang Youcai and Wang Zhijun laughed disdainfully at the same time, what could a little white boy who ate soft rice do to them?

        How dare they threaten them, really funny!

        They didn't take Lin Fan's threat to heart at all.

        "Now you can all get lost!"

        Lin Fan directly rebuked without giving a good face.

        "Cut it out, like anyone would want to stay here, Dad, let's go!"

        Wang Zhijun proudly pulled Wang Youcai and left, the money was already in hand anyway, what did they need to care how Lin Fan humiliated them at this time?

        "Lin Fan, are you stupid, they don't have any money to pay us back at all, this 50 million is simply meat on the bone."

        Bai Yi said angrily.

        "Of course I know that."


        Bai Yi's family was completely frozen, looking at Lin Fan in disbelief.

        "Knowing that you still borrowed it, that's not how you spend money!"

        But Lin Fan smiled and gave his own explanation.

        "We are just now launching our new vaccine and the sales are still good at the moment, so there can't be any unfavourable negative news at the moment."

        "If you can spend money to solve a problem, try to spend money to solve it, or else like that incident with Ouyang Fei Fei, directly losing ten billion for no reason wouldn't that be even more uneconomical?"

        At these words!

        Bai Yi then sighed and said.

        "It's still you who's thoughtful."

        She also knew that with Wang Youcai and Wang Zhijun's shameless character, if they really couldn't borrow the money, there was really no guarantee that they would do something.

        "And fifty million to buy out the favour they're talking about is nothing, as long as they really don't come back to harass us in the future."


        Shen Yumei's family sighed once again.

        "Let's hope so!"


        And after Wang Youcai and Wang Zhijun left, the two were ecstatic.

        Fifty million, and that's all they got?

        This amount of money was too good to earn, right?

        That Lin Fan, he was simply an idiot, to give them the money so easily.

        "Dad, do you think we're going to get less?"