Today I Give Up Trying 1756

 "The mansion was bought by Lin Fan, and that car is really Lin Fan's as well, it has nothing to do with me."

        If Lin Fan hadn't been secretly helping her, her new Bai's would have collapsed an unknown number of times already.

        Where was the money left?

        Right now, the only liquidity she could use was just 10 million.

        The rest of the money had already been invested in New White's.

        Lin Fan?

        Wang Youcai and Wang Zhijun froze, then both looked at Lin Fan with disdain.

        "Just this dead poor bastard, can he afford to buy a few hundred million dollars of mansions? If he could afford it, then he wouldn't have to eat soft rice!"

        "Good, Bai Yi, since your family is ungrateful, then don't blame us for being merciless. When we go back, we'll make sure those relatives know your true colours, a bunch of wolf-hearted dogs and lungs!"

        Wang Zhijun, however, was still undeterred and said indignantly.

        "Bai Yi, cousin, I borrowed this money from you, it's not like I won't pay you back, I've recently found a good project, I can make a profit of 100 million in two years, then I'll pay you back with interest, what do you think?"

        But before Bai Yi could say anything, Shen Yumei sneered.

        "You said you wanted to start the project, and the money you got from our family must be at least five million, but what happened? What did you get?"

        "You dare to call my son a dog? Are you scolding me?"

        Wang Youcai was directly angry, pointing at Shen Yumei and scolding her.

        But how could Shen Yumei be a lightning rod?

        She also stood up with a scuffle and angrily rebuked, saying.

        "You don't have to rely on the old man to sell yourself short, just those few broken steamed buns of yours, the money our family has given you and the favours we have done for you over the years have long been paid back."

        "Calling us ungrateful, I think you're the one who's getting ahead of yourself!"

        "You you you!"

        Wang Youcai was so angry that his body trembled, and then he looked angrily at Bai Shan: "You are so ungrateful!

        "Bai Shan, is this how you teach your daughter-in-law? If this were my daughter-in-law, I'd beat her to a pulp!"

        And Bai Shan was sighing and sighing, not being able to stand up to anyone inside or outside.

        And Wang Zhijun laughed coldly and said.

        "That can't be said, our family saved your lives, and what you gave was nothing but money."

        "In this case, I don't think you guys should be too much even if you give more money, right?"

        "How about this, lend me fifty million, and then our two families will be completely clear afterwards, and we won't be talking about those few steamed buns back then."

        Lin Fan was stunned by Wang Zhijun's shamelessness, he was actually planning to use a few rancid and smelly steamed buns from back then to exchange for 50 million?

        And he even acted as if he was justified!

        This was more than shameless, it was simply shameless!

        He was simply convinced, how could there be such a shameless person!

        And Shen Yumei also slammed the table and roared.

        "No money!"

        She was fed up with this family too, who had been milking their family dry like a vampire all these years.

        That was not enough, but the point was that they had helped Wang Youcai and his family so much, and they still did not show any gratitude and acted as if they deserved it.

        They say that they saved their family's life and that they deserve what they got.

        And now they have the nerve to ask them for $50 million?

        Are you out of your mind?

        Wang Youcai was furious and stared viciously at Bai Shan.

        "Bai Shan, say something! How did you beg me to help you in the first place, and now this is your family's attitude?"

        Bai Shan was silent, he also felt that Wang Youcai had gone too far.

        It was enough that he had been bullying him all these years, but now he was even counting on his daughter, how could he put up with this?

        "Well, well, a bunch of wolf-hearted, white-eyed wolves, you will definitely be punished!"

        Wang Youcai chided with extreme anger, and then pulled Wang Zhijun's hand and prepared to leave.

        And at that moment, a contemptuous laugh sounded out.

        "Fifty million? I'll give it!"