Today I Give Up Trying 1754

 A hundred thousand or so?

        Wang Youcai and Wang Zhijun were startled and all shut their mouths at this time, not daring to speak up again.

        "Who are you fooling? Don't you have insurance? You can just report it to the insurance company and have it repaired, right? You little white boy deliberately trying to trap me?"

        Wang Zhijun said angrily, and began to pout at Wang Youcai again.

        "Dad, look at them, what kind of attitude is this!"

        Lin Fan almost didn't spit out his meal from last night when he looked at a man in his forties, pouting to his seventy-year-old son.

        Wang Youcai was also blue in the face and said angrily.

        "All right, let's talk after dinner!"

        After that, a group of people entered the five-star hotel, and with Wang Youcai and Wang Zhijun's virtue, they naturally would not let go of the opportunity to rip Bai Yi off, and directly asked for a private room.

        The cost of the private room alone was already as much as 70,000 yuan.

        This is not even counting the drinks and food.

        That on the table, they didn't order anything below a thousand dollars, what with abalone, sea cucumber, lobster and the like, whatever was expensive.

        At this moment, Lin Fan had experienced what it meant to be a city dweller.

        This father and son were thinking that they could do whatever they wanted with the little favour they had shown to Bai Yi's family in the first place, right?

        This was not all, Wang Youcai even took the opportunity to order a bottle of red wine for more than 200,000 yuan in secret while he was in the toilet.

        How do they know how to drink red wine, it's simply to rip off Bai Yi, who made Bai Yi rich?

        "Dad, don't forget later, help me borrow money from Bai Yi, remember to borrow more!"

        Wang Zhijun said cheekily, with an air of rightfulness.

        This was the real reason why they had come to find Bai Yi!

        And at that moment, Wang Youcai gave him a look before asking:

        "How much do you think is appropriate?"

        "Twenty million!"

        Wang Zhijun directly lionized and asked.


        Wang Youcai sucked in a breath of cold air and looked at Wang Zhijun with wide eyes in disbelief:

        "You're fucking crazy, twenty million? How can we possibly have the money to pay them back?"

        He was now retired at home, and his monthly pension was only ten thousand dollars.

        And Wang Zhijun, a loser who had been chewing on his old age for more than twenty years, had no money of his own and dared to ask for a loan of twenty million dollars?

        He would have to pay back with his life?

        But Wang Zhijun brushed aside his mouth and said with a disdainful expression :

        "Who says we're going to pay it back?"

        This is simply a scoundrel!

        Wang Zhijun had already planned to borrow money from Bai Yi on the pretext that he had no intention of actually paying Bai Yi back.

        "Are you saying you won't pay it back?"

        Wang Youcai asked with a surprised expression.

        "Pay back my ass!"

        Wang Zhijun snorted coldly, with a strong look of triumph on his face :

        "If it wasn't for us, their family would have starved to death, we saved his life, so what's wrong with giving some money? They haven't even repaid us yet!"

        "Besides, as you can see, one of their cars is worth more than ten million dollars, so it's not a simple matter to borrow twenty million dollars?"

        When he heard this, Wang Youcai was also moved, and his eyes were filled with greed:

        "Then 20 million is not enough, it has to be 50 million!"

        "That's right, Dad, you have to be tougher later!"

        "Don't worry, I'll make sure they pay, they owe us!"

        The father and son duo then laughed extremely treacherously, their faces all a bit grim.

        When Bai Yi saw Wang Youcai and his father and son come back to the table, they both froze.

        It was as if they were afraid that no one would know that they were up to no good.

        "Bai Yi, over the years, your new Bai's should be making good money, right?"

        "I heard that your family is living in a super mansion with hundreds of millions of dollars!"


        As soon as Bai Yi heard this, he realised that something big was wrong.

        Following that, he looked at Wang Youcai warily:.

        "Cousin uncle, what do you mean by that?"

        Wang Youcai laughed and said.

        "It doesn't mean anything, it's just that your cousin recently, I think, owed an external debt, the amount is a bit large, and we also have more than enough money to pay."

        "So what, I want to borrow some money from you!"