Today I Give Up Trying 1753

 Wang Youcai started yelling at this time, while adding.

        "By the way, I have to eat at a five-star hotel, I won't eat anything less than five stars."

        Bai Yi was crying and laughing, she and Lin Fan had other things to take care of, but now it seemed there was no way out.

        "Wow, a Rolls Royce, Bai Yi, you've really made a fortune!"

        Wang Zhijun immediately came to Lin Fan's car in excitement.

        "What Rolls-Royce? Is it worth a lot of money?"

        Wang Youcai asked greedily at once.

        Wang Zhijun nodded his head.

        "Dad, this car costs ten million dollars."

        Ten million?

        Wang Youcai's eyes were about to glaze over, such an expensive car, his family only had a million in savings now after working so hard.

        But Bai Yi's car alone was worth ten million dollars?

        At that moment, the greed in Wang Youcai's eyes became even stronger, and underneath that greed, there was also a strong jealousy.

        "Let me drive it, I've never driven a Rolls Royce in my life."

        Without a word, Wang Zhijun grabbed Lin Fan's keys.

        "Zhijun, don't you not have no driving licence?"

        Shen Yumei asked nervously, but she was so anxious that Wang Zhijun had failed his test fifteen times in a row, getting stuck in subject one every time.

        "What's wrong with not having a driving licence, can't you just drive?"

        Wang Zhijun, however, didn't give a damn, acting as if he was the master, and directly started the car.

        "Honey, don't be angry."

        Bai Yi said cautiously.

        Lin Fan shook his head, signalling that he wouldn't get angry with a bunch of idiots.

        As a result, as soon as Wang Zhijun got into the car, he started to race wildly, almost hitting someone along the way, and after he arrived at the hotel, the car door was even scratched with a big gash.

        Bai Yi was distressed to see that it would cost more than 100,000 to repair.

        "Bai Yi, this car is not bad, let me drive it for a few days."

        Wang Zhijun turned out to be cheeky, wanting to drive this car to the bar in the empire to hang girls, this will certainly be a hang a right.

        But Bai Yi had a difficult look on his face and said.

        "Cousin, this car is not mine, it belongs to Lin Fan."

        Lin Fan's?

        Wang Zhijun immediately snorted and said disdainfully.

        "Are you lying to the devil? Just this little white boy, he's not dependent on you for support, can he afford such an expensive car?"

        "If you don't want to borrow it, then you don't want to borrow it, what excuse are you making, knowing that you are rich and look down on us poor relatives."

        And then, Wang Zhijun looked at Wang Youcai and said.

        "Dad, I told you a long time ago, didn't I, no good deed goes unpunished, when you saved their family's life, this is how they ended up repaying you."

        Lin Fan was already stunned, was this fucking shameless?

        How can you say such shameless words?

        Not lending you a car is ungrateful?

        This is just the beginning, and it has already caused a repair cost of more than 100,000 yuan, if you really lend the car to Wang Zhijun, you are afraid that it will be scrapped in a few days, right?

        When the time comes, with the shameless virtue of Wang Zhijun's family, I'm afraid they won't help repair it, right?

        Shen Yumei pushed Bai Shan viciously, signalling him to speak.

        Such an expensive car, how can you let someone mess around with it!

        And it was Bai Shan who said awkwardly.

        "Zhijun, cousin, Bai Yi will arrange a vehicle to pick us up and drop us off during our time in the imperial capital, so we don't need to drive ourselves, it saves us time, don't you think?"

        But Wang Youcai didn't appreciate it at all and waved his hand in disgust.

        "OK, OK, I know your family is rich and looks down on us, so we won't give you a hard time."

        "It's just a car, what's the big deal."

        Bai Shang suddenly looked embarrassed.

        And Lin Fan, also exasperated, sneered and said.

        "Cousin uncle, since it's not impossible for cousin to borrow the car, as long as he takes care of that scratch just now, then he can take the car and drive it!"

        "The repair fee isn't that expensive, it's only a hundred thousand or so!"