Today I Give Up Trying 1752

 "Lin Fan!"

        On the way to leave the Song family, Bai Yi grabbed Lin Fan's hand with concern.

        Lin Fan smiled lightly and said :

        "Don't worry, I'm fine!"

        "Don't be sad, you still have us, me and my parents are your family, we will always be by your side."

        Lin Fan patted Bai Yi's hand and said with a smile :

        "Now, you know who I am, don't you?"

        Bai Yi smiled gently and said:

        "Although I already had my suspicions a long time ago, the moment I learned the truth, I was still shocked."

        "Lin Fan, now I'm more and more afraid of losing you, I feel like I'm no longer good enough for you, what should I do?"


        Lin Fan rubbed Bai Yi's head and said comfortingly :

        "No matter what I become, you are still the woman I love the most, Lin Fan."

        Hearing these words, Bai Yi was incomparably touched in her heart, pressing her head against Lin Fan's chest, her face filled with a happy expression.

        And when they arrived at Huafu Pharmaceutical, Lin Fan and Bai Yi saw familiar people.

        "Mom and Dad, why are you here?"

        The people who came were surprisingly Shen Yumei and Bai Shan.

        Shen Yumei and her husband were not very happy to see Lin Fan and the two of them, instead their expressions were a little embarrassed.

        Yo, Bai Yi, it seems that he has really made a fortune, this glorious clothing, just like a big boss.

        Just then, a flirtation but then rang out, and then three people appeared in front of them.

        "Cousin uncle!"

        The moment she saw them, Bai Yi's face didn't look too good, but she still shouted politely.

        "Oh, do you still have me as your cousin uncle in your eyes? You haven't even come to visit after so long, and you want me to come to you personally, how come you look down on people after you've made your fortune?"

        Bai Shan's cousin Wang Youcai then sneered, with an air of condescension.

        "You misunderstood, cousin uncle, I've been really busy for a while now."

        Bai Yi also knew that this family was difficult to deal with, so he didn't bother to be normal with the other party.

        Wang Youcai gave a cold snort and said in a gloomy manner :

        "Don't forget your roots, if it wasn't for the two pounds of steamed buns our family gave you back then, you would have starved to death."

        Bai Shan had always been unpopular in the Bai family, and was later despised for his son's preference for his daughter, and was driven out of the family to fend for himself.

        When Bai Shan, who was desperate, approached Wang Youcai and his family to borrow money, Wang Youcai turned them down mercilessly and threw them a packet of stale steamed buns.

        But no matter what, Wang Youcai had helped them, so they remained grateful to him as well.

        Bai Yi had an embarrassed expression, not knowing how to reply, and could only smile and say.

        "Naturally, Bai Yi has not forgotten."

        "Forgive me, you wouldn't dare!" Wang Youcai grunted in triumph.

        At that moment, Wang Youcai's son, Wang Zhijun, stepped forward and swept a contemptuous glance at Lin Fan.

        "This is your trash husband, he does look very poor, how can you look at such a goods?"

        Lin Fan was directly dumbfounded, this fatty in front of him was much more of a loser in appearance than he was, right?

        He was obviously in his forties, but he was all hip and old, and the big gold chain around his neck could be seen to be a fake.

        Just such a goods, how dare he pretend to be in front of him?

        And then, Wang Zhijun even said in a humiliating manner.

        "That what, why don't you have any eyesight at all, come and help me carry my luggage."

        Lin Fan wondered if he had heard wrong, this was only the first time he met him, and Wang Zhijun was yelling at him?

        What the hell kind of relatives were these?

        Bai Shan and Shen Yumei became even more embarrassed and looked at Lin Fan with nervous faces, afraid that Lin Fan would get angry.

        He went up to carry the luggage and loaded it into the trunk of the car.

        "I'm starving, take us to get something to eat!"