Today I Give Up Trying 1750

 Lin Fan glanced at Song Yurong and said with an indifferent expression.

        "Forget it, no matter what, he's also my grandfather!"

        "And now, I've also drawn a line in the sand with them, I'll never have anything to do with them again, so forget it!"


        Hearing Lin Fan call out his grandfather, Song Yurong's scalp instantly tingled.

        A moment ago he had felt that this title was a disgrace, but now he felt that he was nowhere near worthy of being God Doctor Lin's grandfather?

        For Lin Fan to call him grandfather was a blessing that he had cultivated in his previous generations.

        But he had even sent Lin Fan away with five million dollars?

        This is simply out of his mind!

        No wonder Dr. Lin valued the Song family so much, no wonder Zhang Jianjun said that Dr. Lin had a great connection with their family, but it turned out that Dr. Lin was Lin Fan!

        At this time, Song Yurong knew that the great future of his Song family had completely passed them by.

        Now, there was nothing left.

        Lin Fan would never forgive them, and in their place, they would not forgive themselves either.


        All this, however, was just the beginning.


        There was a sudden, terrifying commotion from outside.

        Then, Song Yurong's butler came running in, terrified.

        "Master, there are many private helicopters coming from outside, all of them are parked at the entrance of our Song House, and they are almost filling up our Song House!"


        Song Yurong's expression was instantly panicked, and then he rushed out in a hurry, and saw one after another of the familiar bigwigs stepping down from atop that aircraft.

        The Four Great Families of Jiangnan!

        The Dragon and Tiger War Gods!

        The Blood God of Hell!

        The Blood Lord!

        Which of these bigwigs were not world-famous existences, yet they were all gathered at the Song family today, was it all because of Lin Fan?

        In an instant, the whole room was dead silent!

        Everyone was completely shocked by this scene in front of them, and there was a dense look of horror in their eyes.

        What was even more exaggerated was that even the Blood Prison had come!

        That was a place that was like hell in the eyes of the world.

        The people living in it were all devils!

        It was unbelievable that they had all appeared here, wasn't it?

        After that, everyone looked at Lin Fan nervously, their intuition telling them that the appearance of these people in front of them had a great deal to do with Lin Fan.

        Sure enough!

        The next moment, everyone came straight at Lin Fan.

        "No way, are you kidding?"

        Song Xiyue and the others were already on the verge of being paralyzed with fear, their faces were flooded with a strong sense of horror, but even their voices were trembling over it.

        In their hearts, there was a bad premonition.

        Divine Doctor Lin was only a doctor, he couldn't possibly know Blood Prison, they must be dreaming!

        And seeing this, Bai Yi also understood what was going on here.

        It turned out that Blood Prison would have valued himself so highly before, only because of Lin Fan's face, right?

        This fellow, just how much had he helped her in secret?


        All the bigwigs in the room bowed towards Lin Fan: "Mr. Lin, we're here.

        "Mr. Lin, we're here!"

        The unanimous shout of hundreds of people was as deafening as a stone!

        The three grandchildren of Song Yurong were completely petrified at this moment!

        Completely dumbfounded!

        Again... It was Lin Fan again!

        He wasn't just the Divine Doctor Lin, he was also related to the Blood Prison and the Lin Zuo!

        Otherwise, how could Lin Zuo and the fierce generals under the King of Blood Prison have all appeared here?

        They had underestimated Lin Fan's capabilities!


        Song Yurong sat down on his buttocks, his face flooded with a strong sense of remorse: "Our Song family, what have we done?

        "Our Song family, what have we done!"

        They could have used Lin Fan's power to reach the top of the pinnacle.

        But now, there was nothing left!

        It was all over!

        Damn it!

        This was all their fault!

        Since Lin Fan had come to him, it meant that he still had feelings for the Song family.

        But instead, he treated Lin Fan as a wild child and Song Yao as a shameless bitch.

        They, the Song family, had ruined it all!