Today I Give Up Trying 1749

 Got it!

        Bai Yi understood everything.

        No wonder Divine Doctor Lin would work with their little one, New Bai, and why Divine Doctor Lin would help her through the crisis again and again.

        It turned out that Dr. Lin was her husband, Lin Fan!

        At this time Bai Yi knew she should be laughing, but she couldn't help but cry.

        There were tears in her laughter.

        So it was you!

        It was you all along!

        Guarding by my side, keeping me safe from the elements!

        All along, Bai Yi had also felt that her luck was just too good to be true, but now she realised that it was not her luck that had been good.

        Rather, there had always been such a person, guarding her side and escorting her for her sake.

        The voices of Wang Youcai and the other bigwigs sounded like five thunderbolts!

        It instantly resounded through the whole room!

        Everyone felt like they were being choked at this moment, already on the verge of suffocation.

        Those pairs of eyes filled with shock also seemed like they were about to burst out of their sockets.

        They were filled with astonishment and trepidation!

        Zhang Heng and the other bigwigs were dumbfounded!

        And the Song family were about to go mad!

        The scene in front of them was so powerful that it could be called destruction.

        It made everyone in the Song family feel desperate!

        That joyous mood had instantly fallen from heaven to hell!


        Song Yurong fell straight out of his chair in shock, his expression pained as he murmured.

        "It's not like this, it shouldn't be like this! How could this be!!!"

        And while Song Jingteng and Song Xiyue were clearly beside him, none of them went to help him.

        It was because they were in a similar mood as Song Yurong at this moment, both in disbelief.

        Shortness of breath!

        The tide of their hearts were raging!

        They all already felt like they were about to have a brain hemorrhage!

        Lin Fan, was that the mysterious Lin Divine Doctor?

        How the hell was that possible!

        Wasn't he the white boy? Wasn't he the king of soft rice?

        Why would he be the amazing Divine Doctor Lin?

        It's a dream!

        It must be a dream!

        "Wake up, wake up now!"

        Song Jingteng slapped himself hard across the face one slap after another, already crying uncontrollably.

        If this was true, then he would be dead.

        Even God Doctor Lin's woman dared to get her hands on him, even Song Yurong couldn't save him!

        As everyone watched Wang Youcai and the other bigwigs bow respectfully to Lin Fan, they all felt their hearts about to explode.

        The most inconspicuous person in this scene, the most incompetent one, was actually the so-called Lin God Doctor?

        God had really played a big joke on them!

        At this moment, the whole room fell into a silent and deadly silence.

        Everyone was silent, not because they didn't want to speak, but because their throats felt like they were being strangled.

        It was because the scene before them was too unbelievable!

        At this time, Song Yurong could not hold back any longer and shouted in an extremely frantic manner.

        "Ministry Zhang, Elder Zhu, Elder Xu, have you made a mistake, he is a wild child, he is not divine Doctor Lin at all, you..."

        He couldn't accept, no matter what, the fact that Lin Fan was Divine Doctor Lin.

        "Shut up!"

        But as soon as his words left his mouth, Zhang Jianjun roared out.

        "If you dare to insult Divine Doctor Lin one more time, I guarantee that today I will let your entire family, the Song family, die out!"


        At those words!

        Song Yuerong and the rest of the Song family trembled viciously as their faces turned white.

        They all knew that Zhang Jianjun was indeed capable of doing this!

        It was only when he saw this attitude of Zhang Jianjun that Song Yurong was completely desperate.

        Because now, it was already 100% certain that this man in front of him was Divine Doctor Lin.

        "Divine Doctor Lin, do you need me to kill them all for you?"

        Zhang Jianjun asked extremely thoughtfully, with a look of eagerness to try.

        It was also Zhang Jianjun's words that almost didn't scare the Song family members present into fainting, each of them looking at Lin Fan with incomparable horror.

        They had never dreamed that their fate would be in the hands of this trash they despised.