Today I Give Up Trying 1746

 Zhang Heng and the other family masters looked in confusion, and the moment they saw Zhang Jianjun, one by one, their scalps completely tingled.

        Surprisingly, even Zhang Jianjun had come here!

        How could someone like Zhang Jianjun come to the Old Town, a place that could be called the suburb of suburbs in the Imperial Capital?

        Zhang Jianjun had a cold smile on his face and did not make a sound.

        His cold smile was for the Song family, but Zhang Heng and the others thought that Zhang Jianjun was targeting them.

        "Ministry Zhang was ordered by Divine Doctor Lin to come to the head first, and his old man will be back after a while, now do you still think I'm lying to you?"

        Song Yurong said in an overbearing manner, putting on a high and mighty look.

        Because he knew that from now on, these old friends would have to bow down in front of him, Song Yurong.

        "Old Song, when you get rich, you have to take care of me! Our two families have always had a good relationship and have a lot of trade dealings, so we should join forces."

        "Brother Song, if there is anything I can do for you in the future, just ask! I'll be at your service and follow your lead!"

        "Brother Song, my Qian family will be your pony from now on, as long as you don't mind, you can ask us to do anything you want!"

        All the family heads immediately made their attitudes clear, since Song Yurong had befriended Divine Doctor Lin, he would not be on the same level as them in the future.

        They couldn't be offended!

        Even Zhang Heng changed his face at this time and said with a smile.

        "Older brother, I know that our two families had some friction in the past, leading to some unpleasantness with each other, but you're magnanimous, don't treat me like that!"

        "From now on, you'll be the one who follows Dr. Lin, so it's inappropriate to bother with a stinky fish like me, like this! I'll punish myself with a bottle and beg for your forgiveness!"

        With that, Zhang Heng directly picked up a bottle of foreign wine and drank it clean with a gulp.

        Only after watching Zhang Heng finish the wine did Song Yurong sneer and speak.

        "Kneel down!"

        In the past, Zhang Heng had always flaunted his authority in front of him, and had even made a fool of him in public on several occasions, now that his Song family's chickens and dogs had risen to heaven, how could he possibly forgive this fellow?

        At those words!

        Zhang Heng's expression froze, but he dared not say a word?

        He laughed directly and knelt down: "Fine.

        "Okay, as long as you're happy, whatever you want!"

        After that, he gave Song Yurong a few kowtows, but he was so humiliated that he even gnashed his back teeth.

        But there was no way out, who let Song Yurong have a good life, to be able to befriend a great person like Divine Doctor Lin.

        This was something he could never have dreamed of.

        Seeing this, Song Yurong burst out laughing, the battles with the Zhang family over the past ten years or so had finally come to a victory for him today.

        And it was a great victory!

        The current Zhang Heng was like a dog in his eyes.

        It was with a cold snort that Song Yurong said in a condescending manner.

        "Zhang Heng, count your wisdom, otherwise I would have asked Divine Doctor Lin to teach you a good lesson for being so ungrateful, offending my Song family, are you worthy of it?"

        "Yes, yes, yes, I'm not worthy! I'm just a dog, I'm not even worthy to carry your shoes, old brother, calm down!"

        Zhang Heng's face was full of smiles, he was also considered to be able to bend and stretch.

        "Divine Doctor Lin is not going to help you!"

        But all of a sudden, an untimely cold laugh came from the field.

        Lin Fan looked over towards this side with a sneer on his face:.

        "Because just a moment ago, your Song Family had missed an opportunity to befriend Divine Doctor Lin!"


        All the Song family members turned around in anger, who the hell dared to talk nonsense?

        After seeing Lin Fan, their lungs were about to explode with anger.

        It was this scumbag, surprisingly it was this scumbag again!

        This damned dog, was he intent on stirring them up today?

        Song Yurong's face instantly turned gloomy as he roared.

        "You dog, I just told you to shut up, are you deaf?"

        "Someone, pull out this bastard's tongue for me, I want him to never speak again!"